Gozer Goodspeed “Running with the Outliers” (Prog. Rock / Modern Folk) UK

Just released this month on the 4th from Whistlewood Studios is the latest single by one of the hottest Progressive Rock / Modern Folk artists crashing the music scene – it is called “Running with the Outliers” by Gozer Goodspeed.

Goodspeed is synonymous for dropping tracks that are all consuming when it comes to psychedelic rhythms, snarly guitars, and lyrics that just POP!  “Running with the Outliers” encompasses all of that and then some.  The storyline speaks about how one can be incognizant to their life and surroundings, as well as life’s unabridged philosophies, questions, and realities.  In addition, the hook defines how those unmindful people desperately follow the leader to form an existence, it sings, “Oh hey oh how / You’re running with the outliers now.”  

This track is truly an unorthodox righteous hit!  Goodspeed’s vocals and slamming guitar are mind-blowing.  Moreover, Matthew Avery, Chris Love, and Mike Roberts all rip into instrumentation with skills above elemental which takes this cut over the top. 

Do not miss this track!  Download your copy here.

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