Grace May “Quiet” (Neo Soul) USA

I was glad to receive the music of Grace May – her latest release “Quiet” is sure to awaken your senses quietly but powerfully.

A song about being “broken” but shyly hiding not to burden others, “Quiet” holds an instrumental and vocal foundation that features a great blend of electric and acoustic guitars, whispering synths, minimal percussive FX, and soft backing vocals.  It is a commercial-ready Neo Soul track with some elements of Blues.  It is simple yet has substance which allows the track to resonate with realism. 

Interestingly, May keeps a passive vocal approach in “Quiet” and builds the song with vocal transitions that range from a silent whisper to louder enunciations that tells her truth illustrating that intimidating thinking that people who silence their own pain to not burden others display – wonderful production technique. 

If you could capture the essences of R&B & Soul Music and place them inside of one vase and then pierce a whole in the side of that vase, the sound coming out of it would be Grace May, a pure Neo-Soul enchantress that will easily push current R&B and Neo Soul artists rungs down on the ladder of music – just give her the platform and watch what happens!

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