“Guadalupe River” Todd Barrow (Country/Rock) Texas, USA

Sorry to sound cliché, but “everything IS bigger in Texas,” and I’m talking about the talent of Todd Barrow – a Country music Indie artist who is following in the footsteps of classic Country trailblazers who have given us music that becomes the soundtracks to films and our lives.  

This Best Country album winner for 2017 (Akademia) has teamed up with a few musicians who have played with fellow Texan Miranda Lambert (singer/songwriter) and has given us a music thirst quencher with “Guadalupe River.” Listen to a sample right here!

More than just a musical homage to a popular river that runs through parts of Texas, this single (from Barrow’s “Texas Country Nation” album) tells the story of relaxing and living life simply for the buzz of life.  And in true Country formation, this is far from boring or complicated - the very illustrative lyrics are so relatable that everyone and their mamma can get into this cut that makes you long for the weekend: 

Sunny day feeling lazy / Time for fun & get crazy / Fishin rod, innertube and a cooler / Text the gang ready to hang by the water.  Think I’ll drink me a cold one baking in the hot sun / Floatin down the river.. catchin a buzz.. with my friends….. / Yeah It’s been a long week time to let my troubles go / Take it fast  take it slow on the GUADALUPE RIVER.  Margarita mix in my truck / Tequila, Red solo cup / Girls in bikinis swaying to the radio / Rainbow trout  hooked on a line.. lets roll. 

Barrow’s flavored second Tenor just rides the melody and captures these words fabulously which invites the listener’s ears into the song with a boy-next-door vocal approach. 

As for the arrangement and production, I found it to be modernly motivating.  By using Top 40 Country Rock instrumentation that is featured nowadays on tracks by Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, the song stays relevant.  But what I noticed about Barrow is that he did not imitate Urban and Paisley in his overall treatment of the music or melody - he stayed true to his craft which elevated my expectations. 

A true ARTIST does this type of blending of trends with originality which is a great music treatment to keep the artist's fingerprint recognizable.

In addition, the lack of clutter on the song was a great "new normal."  Barrow placed less emphasis on lots of FX and synths, as opposed to the usual bells and whistles incorporated in Top 40 Country tracks today, which makes for a very approachable track. 

So good to hear a well-produced track about doing stuff for the fun of it and living life uncomplicated.  And, it is so nice to hear a track like this done RIGHT! 

“Guadalupe River” showcases a Soft-Rock/Country sound that is easy listening with a pulse.  

Download your copy right here for a buck and some change.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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