Guy Paul Thibault “Day Drinking” (Country/Rock) Nova Scotia

One of our favorite Rockers, Guy Paul Thibault, is back with a new track called “Day Drinking” and it is an instant favorite.  

First finding his way to our eyes and ears with his EP “It’s About Time” last year, today he is still bringing that “put up or shut up” appeal to the music and he is not stopping there.  

“Day Drinking” is an up-tempo track that starts slowly with a sort of muted drum kick and quickly builds into a full rock track that has that nice American Country Rock vibe to it that sets the summer off right.  The announcer in the intro sets you up for the wild ride, and the fully-charged melodic verses coupled with Rock choruses keeps you glued to the music.  

Telling the story of how it’s okay to reminisce only if you are willing to try something new, “Day Drinking” is an incredible single that is stockpiled with varied guitars blazing, harmonica, percussions waxed on, and tambourines that tickle us with a little Pop to ignite.  It is bringing the nightlife to the AM and showing how to live to celebrate life. 

Once more, Thibault is still surgical, not mechanical, with his guitar and he displays this craft by inserting a spirited guitar solo set as the bridge that just lifts the track up texturally and builds a mental picture of a hometown where practical people make life livable. 

In addition, we are graced with Thibault’s powerful baritone that never settles it just keeps on, keeping on carving the way for a hit. 

And while it features many niche specific instrumentation, this track is not cliched as it encompasses a modern command to its beat and millennial textures that climb when the verses are ready to showcase, and modulate at the entrance of the hook. 

The dust never settles with this track.  It has that walk into a room and brawl classic Rock effect mixed with today’s Country that puts us over the edge in excitement.  So make sure to dig this track on iTunes and Amazon NOW!

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  • Virginie Lacour-Puiboube
    Virginie Lacour-Puiboube
    Ha Kiki you do make me want to check out this new track. What a fab writer you are!!

    Ha Kiki you do make me want to check out this new track. What a fab writer you are!!

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