IAMWARFACE “Closer” (Rock) London / Brighton

If Del Leppard, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead were chemically mixed in the most smokin music lab on the planet, you’d get a close clone of what could possibly pass in being IAMWARFACE, but IAMWARFACE is more than that still – these cats are one of the best Rock musicians I have heard in a minute.  

An Electro Rock band coming out of England, IAMWARFACE consists of Matt Warneford as vocalist/songwriter, Adam Stanley on percussions, Lou Matthews on 6-strings, Mike Smith on bass, and Tom Howe mastering the DJ synths.  These Electro Rock studs are waxing the streets with their approach to music called “Rocktronica” (Eddy Temple Morris) and you would have to walk in some BIG boots to follow the musical footprints of IAMWARFACE’s newest clip “Closer.” 

“Closer” is a heavy mesh-up of mystical synths, booming bass lines, sticky-fingers strings, and riffs of synths that tingle the spine.  Listen to the intro and tell me your hair does not stand on end?  Yeah, right.  Starts like a Modern Rock ballad and then at the two minutes / three seconds mark, the song progresses into this ferocious anthemic righteous Rock cut that can turn rocks to diamonds. 

The song’s theme is about ending a soul-shattered romance to begin again, Warneford sings “who, who am I? / I’m just living to die / I don’t know what I’ll do / cause I used to have a soul, I just lost control, and I’ll move, move closer / yes, I’ll move, move closer to you / every day’s just like the last /  feel I’m walking on shattered glass / this romance just has to end to … begin again / so those words that  you say cut like a thousand razor blades.”    

The composition of this track is ah-mazing:  the intro synths are nothing short of monstrous – I mean, it is in your face where you can feel the sweat and see the anguish.  And when I say this song builds, do not get it twisted, it BUILDS – from a dark room crawl into a fully illuminated stage of synths and guitars and powerful drums.  Moreover, there’s something sexy about the front-man’s vocal execution – I think it is the pleasure for pain trill of his vocals and the way he leans right into the mic not sacrificing the emotion.  Then, after the second verse, the music pulls back for a subtle bridge, and then at the three minutes / twenty-two seconds mark, there is this jam-like session of guitars slashing and whining, hi-hats, and synths that electrically moves you to the outro. 

I literally could not put this song down! 

The only way to get any closer would be to be the skin of the artists.  I was an addict at the first note; I needed to get “closer.” 

Rush, don’t move slow, to download your copy of this track NOW.  And keep an eye out for the video that is set to drop on 7/27th – it is sure to go viral! 

In addition, IAMWARFACE will be performing towards the end of this month here:

Saturday 7/21 Cricketers, Kingston

Sunday 7/29 Crown’s, Brighton

Tuesday 7/31 Live Acoustic Session 

Go to www.IAMWARFACE.com for more dates, info., and social platforms.

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