Jayna Jennings “The Blue” (Blues/Pop Rock/Country) Tennessee/Georgia USA

What would you say if I were to tell you I know of an artist whose voice literally flutters with wings of emotion and perches right on your soul?  You would probably think that I was drinking something too strong.  But honestly, I do know of an artist whose voice literally spans heights and knows when to rest.  Jayna Jennings is that type of artist and songwriter.  Her recent release “The Blue” displays this skill so well. 

Let’s start with her opening lead when she sings: You are an ocean and I’m drowning / you’re deep and blue I can’t swim but I’m trying / your love is wide and long I’m starting to break / I’m lost in your love I’m caught in your wake / you are peaceful then a storm / you’re everything I’ll ever want and more / your love is far and way / you’re a storm about to pour / I’m gone in your waters you’re who I adore

With each line she climbs a little bit more reaching a further height.  Then, she trills right into that middle tonality showcasing her prowess spilling her emotions, then she goes right into that infectious hook, and then just holds it there with the candid exoneration singing, THE BLUE!!  

A song about love’s unpredictability has never been so smooth, as most songs about the unknown of a lover or love is usually composed with a fast tempo and lyrics spelling out pretentions.  But with Jennings, the impression that she leaves on your ears is as rich as chocolate and smooth as silk. The melody is layered with vocal expressions and modulations which equally supports the soft soundscapes, bass drum, and guitars.  Honestly, the more she soars, the further you want to go with her lead – she leads, and you follow her into the BLUE – that tranquil place of unknowing. 

Readers, I am a legit Jenger – a true fan of Jayna Jennings.  

When I last reviewed this scarlet chanteuse’s “Courtyards & Aviaries Part 1,” I said that I cannot wait to hear “Courtyards & Aviaries Part 2,” and guess what?  Pt. 2 is available for pre-order NOW and releases on August 2nd (2nd August)!!!  The Blue is the first single released of this highly anticipated EP; don’t you want to hear more?


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