Katie Ellen “Dear You” (Country Folk) UK

Written, arranged, and performed by Katie Ellen, “Dear You” is a cathartic prescription for grief, regret, and misunderstandings all composed on a linen napkin of instrumentation and rich lyrics.

A song that features just a lead, backing vocals, and a guitar is so refreshing to hear during a time in music when we are bombarded with over-excited instrumentation and FX on steroids.  The pleasant, somewhat forlorn, vocal execution rides gracefully, reminding us to not hold back our words and emotions – even when it is difficult to do so.  The opening couplet, “All those things I didn't say, 'Cause I was too afraid” basically says it all.  What a perfect example of good songwriting when you can achieve a thorough understanding of a song in just two lines.  

“Dear You” showcases Ellen’s producer talents in that she produced, mixed, and mastered the track.  In addition, “Dear You” features a more cathartic form of writing when it comes to Ellen’s typical stylings.   She is not predictable on the track, and has a nice, rough around the edges, range to her vocals which highlights the details of the song’s distress. 

With “Dear You,” Katie Ellen is re-introducing the cathartic song back to the masses. 



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