Kingsley “Without You – Yoswayy Remix” Indie Pop (Oregon, USA)

When we look at artists like Annie Lenox, Tracy Chapman, and Prince (to name a few), one thing that they ALL had in common regardless of the genre they recorded within or the roots they stemmed from culturally, is they ALL were non-conforming.  Each of those artists did not allow society or the industry to place them within the typical cookie-cutter molds ready to replicate and sell.  No, these artists kept to their true identities and made the world fall in love with their difference and talent. 

An artist in this wonderful industry of music who is not allowing the industry standards to place a STAMP on her is Kingsley – an Indie Pop singer, songwriter, musician from Chi-Town (Chicago) who now resides in Oregon USA.   This eclectic beauty truly does pin the snapshots from her life’s journeys to her mirror and spin them into hits. 

Without you” from her newest EP “I Am Because I Dance,” taps into that deep-down brokenness that comes with separation from love.  Kingsley sings:  back to the day when you caved in and told me I deserve someone better than you baby / the day when you broke my heart in two / took the other half with you / I'll never get use to being without you / I'll never get use to being without you.  Honest, practical, lyrics.

This track is layered perfectly always giving the audience something new, but staying in sync, which keeps you interested.  This honest, practical, track starts with an electrifying guitar riff that easily becomes the spine of the entire track – I am SPEECHELESS!  Moreover, I love the way Kingsley blends elements of Rock, Pop, and R&B on "Without You." 

Another highlight of the track is the way that Kingsley vocally executed this track – it is weighty without being heavy.  She approaches the track’s leads very delicately but pounds the human-emotional element in with that guitar hook and pulsating percussions to illustrate the magnitude of love that has become divided.  Kingsley’s vocal attitude and sugar-kissed vibrato adlibs also play with your ears and adds that tad of innocence to the track.  

In addition, Yoswayy (producer of Talk Modern) was surgical with his production of this EP. 

I think it is time you downloaded your copy now!

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