Leaving Lennox “Old Love” (Pop) Nashville, Tennessee USA

Just in time for New Music Friday, a song that plays like a love letter set to music – “Old Love” by Leaving Lennox, a duo whose signature sound is quickly becoming the new norm in Indie Pop Music. 

Leaving Lennox is the music union of Australian singer/songwriters Mick Hambly and Lauren Val.  After making the big move from Australia to Nashville, Tennessee, USA, the pair wasted no time in getting their feet wet in America’s music mecca and have made their mark in Indie Music with a progressive Pop-Folk sound that features elements of Country and Rock. 

"Old Love" wonderfully depicts how Love is a verb, and the way we adapt through love's stages establishes us as either a prisoner of love or an explorer of love – the lyrics reveal this observation singing:  Fire’s on and I’m staying home / It’s been 10 years since you let me go / Sitting here in a couch for two / Still thinking about you / Drink in hand / And our favorite songs / ‘Bit of Skynard and all summer long / know I’ve got a new name / but I’m still thinking about you

The first thing that grabs you is how the intro music tiptoes into your ear.  This elusive introduction is quickly joined by Val’s crisp, honest, vocals.  The way that Val chose to treat her lead melody with an understated effect, was brilliant.  This vocal treatment allowed the song to register in the ears of its listeners so conversationally.  

And when Hambly comes in on his lead, the song just goes to a whole other level – you get to feel the masculine approach to a transitional song.  Val’s soprano voice marries well with this track and complements Hambly’s second tenor so well.  The way they interlocked vocally; it was if their voices were in a rhythmic dance exchanging footnotes – it just works!  Instrumentally, the progressive beats and low-end frequencies highlight both artist’s unique vocals. 

A bonus on this track is the inclusion of Aaron Sterling on drums (the live tour drummer for John Mayer and session drummer for Keith Urban and Taylor Swift, to name a few) with his combinations that are just fire!  

All the above key elements take this track over the top.  Leaving Lennox musically hand carves an organic sound and laces it with a modern command to their beats and melodies. 

They are the Berlin of our day, and I cannot wait to hear what comes next!





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