Lillias Hobson “Where You Left Me” (Acoustic Pop) Glasgow, UK

Have you ever experienced heartbreak for the first time and could not put it into words?  Well, let the newest track from Lillias Hobson be your words. 

Hobson is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow; and, “Where You Left Me” is pleasantly quiet and passionate in its execution with minimal FX and truth-bearing emotion.

Written by Hobson with such honesty about waiting for love to return, the track’s production plays like a love letter being placed at your heart. 

Much like a modern combination of Lee Ann Rimes, Adele, and Taylor Swift, Hobson makes sure her emotional expression is felt on this track by allowing her vocals to fall gently but powerful.  These passionate powerful vocals are met with modest guitars and bells illustrating the anguish, anxiety, and sadness usually felt when love has gone and one is determined to gain it back. 

In contrast to Rimes, Adele, and Swift, Hobson has more swag to her vibrato and a sort of pleasant attitude in her trills - it's almost R&B in its approach which is very pleasant to hear and adds more texture to the Acoustic Pop track.  

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Gregor McPhie (Glasgow HQ), the texture of the track is like small hills and valleys that keeps your interest and is almost meditative. 

This is a secret you will want to share, so make sure to get your copy!

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