Liv Hudson “The 9:30 Club (Sorry)” Alternative (Maryland/USA)

Liv Hudson is nothing but ordinary when it comes to her look and sound and that makes for an interesting artist.  Donning big hair, natural accents, warm chocolate skin kissed with eclectic makeup, and a bohemian fashion sense, her vibe is just so chill, and her music is set to be a smash – it’s like lemonade – that sweetness and acid exciting combo. 

A wonderful mix of Sheryl Crow and Indie Arie, Hudson gives us everyday lyrics explaining real-life moments fused with simplicity, quiet power, passion, and a grass roots drive.  The lead single off the debut album set to release this fall is titled “The 9:30 Club (Sorry)” and it displays her variance in music. 

Perfectly illustrating that “oh, it’s just a thought now” type of attitude that becomes commonplace once a recent encounter transcends into just a moment in time, “The 9:30 Club (Sorry)” is a mellow rational song where Hudson sings in a more conversational tone highlighting bits and pieces of the track with unison and harmony.  Hudson chose to play the ukulele on the track with the addition of an acoustic guitar (played by Jungheim) to expand the dialed-back ambiance of the track, and it works! 

Being an Alternative artist allows for this natural diva’s music to incorporate elements of Rock, Folk, Soul, or whatever genre suits her mood and muse, thus keeping Liv Hudson's free-spirited persona inside of the music giving it life. 

She’s our wildflower with strong passionate roots alternating in any direction the MUSIC takes them, and I cannot wait to hear what else she has in store.  

Keep up with Live Hudson on Twitter and check out her video to the single.

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