Lucie Hill “Precious Time” (Dream Pop / Indie Folk) New Zealand

We all know and love those special moments - those that make memories.  But those special moments that engages all of our senses without any interruptions or intrusions makes the BEST memories.  “Precious Time” is a song by Dream Pop singer/songwriter Lucie Hill, and it is just that TYPE of song! 

Hill is the winner of Her Music PR’s Mothers in Music competition and is notable for her honest, unapologetic, vocals and songwriting style.  She pens songs that awaken social numbness and explores themes that provokes thoughts.  With “Precious Time,” Hill alludes to the inundating habit of people choosing to use social media and cell phones to socially engage instead of utilizing human contact and interaction.  Hill also illustrates how a balance of the two is the best method of keeping people sharp witted and capable to communicate our human condition.  

Hill’s self-directed video for “Precious Time” highlights the above statements by using vibrant lyrics, blazing guitars, captivating hooks, and a lead vocal that just melts ice.  Hannah Symons and Holly Bailey do a wonderful job in capturing Hill’s message and acting it out so realistically that it showcases like a movie and is relatable to Millennials and everyone listening and watching.

I want to hear more!





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