M.I. “Euphoria” – feat. Akin (Alternative R&B) UK

If Willow Smith and Jill Scott were chemically mixed in a lab, the final product would be M.I., because like those artists, M.I. harnesses power and she brings a difference that demands eyes.  Always making sure her fingerprint is stamped on each song released, M.I. never gets lost in the mix – she stands out the way that a red lip stick print becomes the calling card of its wearer. 

This blend of power and individuality is felt and heard on “Euphoria” her latest track.  The premise of the cut expresses how a lover can be the natural high one needs to reach that place of euphoria – only REAL love can have this effect.  The track holds traditional solid R&B tones and tempos featuring nice soft Soulful melodies.  Plus, Akin placing his spin on production and adding his voice to the backing vocals, along with additional wide-ranging vocal FX with a wonderful deep riding hook makes for an addicting track.  So good to hear an R&B track with muscle, flavor, and texture. 

M.I.’s voice is ah-mazing.  This femme fatale can ride low and belt out bottom-heavy notes as well as fly high soaring the top with notes that can cut diamonds.  And with that willed talent, her vocals also have that urban-edge that lovers of R&B look for in a track and she play between soprano and alto scales and trills the way Muhammad Ali made boxing techniques seem effortless.  It takes skill and chops to pull this off – no amateur can master this talent.  This cannot be faked.  

The modulating of verses with the music is euphoric and sexy and it brings the smoke and passion and leaves you breathless.  And the production of this track must be touched on as the entire track is balanced and truly does excite the senses all with music – no need for a physical touch.  Not to mention the writing of this track which follows the classic R&B song structure with verses, hooks, bridge, adlibs, and instrumentation.  It is a breath of fresh air to hear this treatment of music – a homage to real songwriters.  No need for fillers, autotune, or sampling. 

As M.I. sings, “reality is on repeat” with this track, so my Soul and R&B devotees, RUN, do not walk, to get this track.  And if “Euphoria” is the hors d'oeuvres, I cannot wait to taste the entrée with the full album.  Her music is a wonderful source of escapism and I want more. 

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