Micayl “MONOCHROME” (Alt. Soul) Liverpool, England

If you need a modern track that puts you in DECOMPRESS mode in the same way that 90s Soul did for you after a long day, then look no further.  Check out this non-conforming Alternative Soul track called “MONOCHROME” by Liverpool singer/songwriter Micayl.  Not one to be underestimated, Micayl’s latest “MONOCHROME” is an example of boundless talent.

From the soft synths merged with a modern command to the beat, along with the highlights of brass and bass, on to Micayl’s awesome down-tempo leads meshing wonderfully with those multi-toned flexed backing vocals, as well as Micayl’s floetic bridge, every element laid within this song purposefully showcases a varied music production approach that tightly shapes a song about living life in neutral shades.  When one lives life in neutral shades, they subconscientiously take all of the reactions and actions within their mind, be it anxiety, love, lust, sadness, or whatever, and give them a color; then, they blend all of those colors to create one neutral shade that gives them mental clarity. 

The overall tempo of the track is old school, but Micayl’s treatment of the instruments, adlibbed vocal melodies, and FX is so modern.  This is a great example of a classic comeback being upgraded.  So much personality in just three minutes – dag! 





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