Miranda Arieh “Impossible” (Chamber Pop) UK

Blending the Avant Garde with normalcy makes for an ah-some track, but few in the game of music today have the talent and tools to do this and make a HIT.  Some have tried to change the normalcy in music but have fell short by not really knowing where to begin, and sometimes, where to end.  There are some who have misunderstood creative as being quirky and their music got BORING; and then we have some who thought that having a difference in the music meant to be the odd ball and their music fell short of challenging themes.  But, then you have artists who can take on the challenge of difference and still have the talent to be creative – those who stay in the game and usually change the game. 

One such artist who has tackled this feat and have come out on the other end successful is Miranda Arieh. 

Coming from Leeds UK, Arieh has spun a twist on monotony and have created music that is unique, unusual, and strikingly adaptable.  She has the chops to blend the Avant Garde with normalcy and be able to do it with panache, difference, and appeal. 

Her latest track “Impossible” illustrates her candor and creativity by being a tasty bit of Chamber Pop combining both complex instrumental textures with broad-ranging simplistic melodies and a strong vocal.  Below, check out the ah-mazing video made in collaboration with Tristan Haley and his camera team, from ”Black Mirror.”

This up-tempo command to the beat infused track speaks about building new bridges in life instead of revisiting old burnt bridges of the past – enjoying life in the present with no regrets.  

This song is fully loaded and charged with hypnotic synths, keys, flutes, strings, and layered percussions.   Featuring an electric harpsichord on this track is nothing short of BRILLIANT adding to the full scope of living a larger than life way of life.  

Unlike her Pop colleagues, Arieh does not sacrifice the vocals while displaying the artistry more; what Arieh does is combine strong vocals with artistry and wonderful songwriting to make interesting music.  Arieh’s contralto voice shatters the track and puts it back together again.  I enjoyed the excitement and passion in her voice, adlibs, and backing vocal FX. 

Like her contemporaries, she enjoys turning the tables and making others see a different point of view.  She encompasses a sort of quasi mix of Bowie, Lennox, and Gaga all in one.  Her look is fully Glam Rock, but she plays in the Chamber Pop playground all day.  She is not your average Pop star and I am so glad.  

No wonder she’s been recognized by the Leeds Music Video Awards and the People's Choice Award as well as receiving a prestigious, Inspiring Women Changemakers 'Social Impact Star' Award. 

She’s the reinvention of normal music and she has the artistry to make it happen by not being afraid to experiment while liberating. 

Check out this track and thank me later.  Also, go to https://www.mirandaarieh.com/music to listen to her Alternative Pop track “Soul Price.”

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