Miranda Arieh “The End” (EDM/Alternative Pop) UK

Readers, the Avant-Garde Queen of Indie Music is back on her throne with “The End,” a song about placing a period on something that no longer needs attention in our lives and finding the strength and power to move on.  The lyrics suggests this theme very well:

When luck was down and talk was cheap We took it out in to the streets With sodden hands And rotten meat When life was young and love was sweet When all the sirens had become The End You took it down remember when? The End With gutter mouth and sodden hands The End It's over now What's done is done I sent you stormin' to the sun. I close my eyes and count to ten What's done is done but remember when? 

The 4th single released off Miranda Arieh's forthcoming album, “Ferine” (scheduled to drop March 2019), this Alternative track surgically fuses EDM with Chamber Pop and it works so well!  

Ever being the non-normal when it comes to music, Arieh’s production and execution of this track is inspiringly different and displays how difference, when done right, carves paths. 

The mood of the total melody is melancholy but is bursting with passion and subtle attitude.  The music arrangement features synths that modulate and bow down marrying to a Prince-esque command to the beat.  Vocally, Arieh chose to add low-wandering backing vocals to lighter adlibs making for a memorable hook, while in the verses, she begins her leads crawling into the melody and then ends the verses by vocally standing up.  The overall emotional vocal delivery of “The End” is scientifically beautiful as it is kind of timid but serious which is so infectious. 

The video that accompanies this track is so evoking – watch here to further feel the effect of “The End.”

The main character of the video, Arieh herself, illustrates art with makeup-artist-worthy facial glam, hair, and wardrobe.  This enchantress is here to slay wearing a metallic gold body suit paired with gold platforms that elevates and smooths out the story.  So epically fantasy and empowering. 

Arieh is an artist that thinks outside of the box, so it is no surprise that the song and the video would be boundless and ballad-worthy bold. 

Make sure to download your copy by going to Miranda’s music page!

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