Muriel & Blazquez “Moonbeam” (Pop/Classical) Leeds, England

Moonbeam” is a song by Muriel & Blazquez – a duo who composes modernly Classical Pop songs that has storylines that resonate globally. 

The lyrics present themselves as telling the story of natural wonderment, but this really translates as an abstract lover:  Moon beam, when did you forget you shone a light of hope, for all of the night wanderers. I won't forget about your light when the day comes back to haunt us.  It starts with a chord I've heard 100 times or so before, repeatedly slowly the melody is the silence that drops between each strike of the piano. We glide through the space of the tone [;] vanilla smoke fills in the gaps between your sigh. At some point of the night I reali[z]e that the lines between smell sound and touch have dissolved, until only thick layers are left . . . We both know your warmth upon my skin has a timer, so you leave your touch on my bones for my body tonight is ever lasting. And when the harsh lights come back on [,] we go back to our expected roles. But right now, we lie here, fully exposed.” 

Like their previous single “Skin / Veil Me Pt. 2,” a piano acts alone as the track’s instrumentation; but differently, “Moonbeam” incorporates a sort of communicable vocal to the verses that plays like a dialog spliced with harmonies and evanescent operatic backing vocals.  The verses are vocally one-toned illustrating a deep thought vibe, but the backing vocals scale pleasingly adding texture and emotion. 

The way that Muriel & Blazquez compose music is so refreshingly modern as it goes against what some may think is musical logic.  At first listen, the listener’s mind is thinking “hey, wait a minute, this is not right, isn’t the tempo supposed to be like this? Or isn’t the lead and hook supposed to be tonal like this? Or isn’t the outline is supposed to play like this?”  And this biased view of music is just based on the simple fact of music lovers being used to what THEY think works and a type of forced comfort zone.  But once you get into the vibe of the song, and really LISTEN, you begin to hear a whole different pattern.  You see how it really complements the human condition and speaks to the internal rooting of your love of music.  It is approachable and balanced.  

What Muriel & Blazquez is doing to modern Pop/Classical music is what Sting did for Pop music in the 1980s, and that is presenting a new methodology in that they are blending unorthodox approaches to vocals and music that easily becomes infectious.  In short, they are using a different paint brush, and applying different strokes, to paint a unique picture on an existing canvas of music, and it works!

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