No Fixed idENTITY “123 Come Play with Me” (Leeds, UK)

What makes gift-giving so exciting?  The absence of knowing what is inside of the box, or the gift.  That curiosity, inquisition, and wonder makes that action so exhilarating.  So, when I was introduced to an artist who brings that same feeling to the Indie Music realm, I was interested to hear more. 

No Fixed idENTITY comes out of Leeds, UK and is making the music stand out not the image – sort of like turning this image-driven music industry on its side and giving it a swift kick.  According to No Fixed idENTITY, they’re “genreless, genderless, and boundaryless,” therefore, it is pure music and talent, and I love it! 

123 Come Play with Me” is their latest cut and it is about the freedom to love by being true to your heart – expressing and experiencing love that is boundless and lasting.  The strong kick of the percussions mixed with the mellow brass gives this track a nice chill factor that is addicting in the same way REAL love is infectious. 

By bringing DIFFERENCE and utilizing a distinctive “borderless genre” technique (used by the writer and producer) and incorporating an eclectic mix of old skool New Jack Swing, modern Hip-Hop, and Pop Soul, No Fixed idENTITY definitely brings the swagger and bass into a music industry that has become rather stagnant.  This was accomplished by using a diverse set of sounds, including 808s, pianos, synthesizers, brass instruments, and guitars within “123 Come Play with Me.”  In addition, the lead vocalist sings and raps with spits that are unforced and unapologetic while the backing vocals accent the lead by using a treble melody. 

“123 Come Play with Me” dropped last week and is available on vinyl, so please go get your copy today right here and get a bonus track by Dead Naked Hippies called “Young Male Rage.”  Also, make sure to check out No Fixed Identity at HER FEST on November 3, 2018 if you are in or near Sheffield. 

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  • Paul Bamford
    Paul Bamford
    This deserves to be getting 'national' air play!

    This deserves to be getting 'national' air play!

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