NORPHLET “Stillbloom” (Rock) Texas / California, USA

I remember when I first heard the track “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison and the effect it had on me – that sole guitar just introduced the track affectionately while placing you in REFRESH-mode – WOW!  It was a satiated feeling that just musically, magically, filled up your soul.  That is the EXACT effect I got when I heard “Stillbloom” by NORPHLET.

“Stillbloom” is a ballad that visits the notion of facing your demons head on and accepting the challenge while allowing for this cathartic method of living life to reshape you to become better.  The lyrics sing:  But I cannot forget, the way it made me feel, and doesn't make me feel.  A life under a veil no matter what I do.  In ire by flame or flood, you find your way straight back – you still bloom . . . spells designed as mantras that I tell myself something like ‘if I keep myself in your good graces’ but that ain't ever worked.  For one could never fill.  A void so cavernous where sun it doesn't rise.  For moon it doesn't set, just hangs there in the sky as black as black can get.  And dreams they don't bear fruit.  But still bloom.  The metaphorical lyrics to this openhearted summer track illustrates the mantra of how one can leave the past but never forget it.  In addition, it shines a light on how we CAN get over that fugitive state of mind by continuing to bloom – bloom by recognizing, reflecting, owning the past, and moving on to thrive. 

The music just wraps around the leads and choruses.  From the piano-filled interlude, emotion-driven verses that are almost conversational, and an aggressively affectionate hook that is infectious, you are just suspended in authenticity.  And you cannot forget those guitars man!  Passion played on strings is just ah-mazing!  Moreover, the sound-pullback with just the lead singing the message towards the ending is welcoming as it pays homage to 1980's Rock ballads. 

Cody Brown and Taylor Devorsky have really given us a great one here.  They pulled all of the stops and pushed the envelope on us so we can see their TRUE direction in music.  These guys are making modern Rock music the way the Rock legends intended Rock to carry on, and that is with REAL music, REAL stories, and REAL emotion.  The only addition is NORPHLET'S very own fingerprint of Atmospheric soundscapes and Punk instrumental elements being added to the glass of Rock which makes it GRADE A! 

“Stillbloom” releases today!

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