Old Vinyl Club “Homemade Recordings" EP

Today, I have the music of Old Vinyl Club to share with my Indie Music loving family.  Old Vinyl Club is a sparkplug-type of Indie Music duo from Malaga Spain.  So, you are in for a real treat my friendssssss! 

Old Vinyl Club are Salvador Mangas Arias on guitars and vocals and Lara Arellano Romero on bass.  Their latest EP “Homemade Recordings” combines the nostalgic sound of 1960’s Rock with modern Alternative Rock and creates a nice, fresh, groovy piece of music that is layered with hooks upon hooks.  Their customized arrangements are evident on this latest 3-track EP. 

Dutch Beer” starts the set with a mellow guitar ensemble and soon picks up the tempo with a distorted vocal lead effect.  This arrangement keeps a soft sway to the beat as its core melody, and features less vocalizations allowing for the music to lead.  It is a Friday evening-type of song that just lazily makes you hyper.   What a hook!

And, I simply love the way “Running Fast” starts with that uneasy guitar riff that soon develops into an excited guitar solo with tambourines creating a synthetic dance pulse.  This song about not looking back additionally features anxious guitars that sound as if they are running with a wonderful zipline riff, some simplistic percussions shuffling and stuttering, and a vocal melody that swings between medium octaves to drawing a high chorus.  All of this makes for a sweet cut.

The final track “Something New” starts like a warmup session in the music studio and quietly fades into a warm mid-tempo song where Salvador Mangas Arias somberly sings about starting over in life.  Each chorus is filled with provoking vocal harmonies, a sumptuous lead guitar, and an agitated guitar solo that comes in as if it is climbing stairs – and this makes for an infectious hook that illustrates splendid writing and excites your senses at each listen.

Old Vinyl Club has that commercial “it” factor that so many long for, and that is the ability to compose tracks that have memorable hooks AND instrumentation that complements those hooks.  It’s a recipe that keeps fans coming back for more.  And with the inclusion of Pablo Arellano Romero (drums) and Fernando Mangas Arias (keys), they have achieved a rechargeable stylization of playing the music.  

Sure, there are the basic guitars, drums, tambourines, and keys being played professionally as is the case with many bands and duos, but Old Vinyl Club has mastered the implementation of these instrument’s production – for instance, the playing in unison of the guitars without bleeding in sound, the off the cuff treatment of the tambourines, sprinkled synths, heavy / light methodological guitar playing, and good balance of resonance, attack, depth and control on the bass drum, hi-hats, and cymbals.  

With just three tracks contained on this EP, it is amazing how one receives a full musical experience and long to do playback after payback, but that is so true, because Old Vinyl Club knows how to pack a big punch in a small space. 

If Old Vinyl Club were an actual dive, I would join in a heartbeat to experience such creativity live in full effect daily.  But until then, join me in following them on Twitter

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