PJ “Kingpin” Wilson “Keep It Moving” (Soul/Hip-Hop) Canada

To be labeled a “kingpin,” you must be a mover, shaker, and a trailblazer all in one.  This individual is essential in making whatever organization or project succeed.  I have been introduced to such an individual, and his name is PJ “Kingpin” Wilson. 

Housed within the Canadian Indie Music realm, PJ “Kingpin” Wilson has the talent to write and produce songs that encompasses a trifecta of genres – Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop.  And this is all executed with surgical precision. 

Kingpin’s latest track “Keep It Moving” features a heavy bass section, old school midi FX, modern synths, and a second tenor/baritone vocal that is trained and poised.

Kingpin’s vocal has a natural 'hiss' resonance that lightly tickles the ear and stays there – think Billy Ocean’s “Suddenly” and you will see what I mean.  That organic vocal quality can land into three genres without sacrificing a pure voice – it’s emotional and has crossover appeal. 

On this track, Kingpin sings “keep moving, stress be gone” lyrically spelling out how seduction can spearhead the night keeping you in “party-mode.”  In addition, he drops tags like “throw your glass up high,” “two-step,” and “all night crowd” to get the listeners into that celebratory mode.   

And even though the cemented command on the beat of this cut is already in motion and dominating, as is the hook, at the two minutes and ten seconds mark, Kingpin shifts gears and comes in smoothly with a Nelly-esque spit that just adds such texture and flavor to the track.  This freestyle method adds a great Hip-Hop effortless nod to the verses. 

“Keep It Moving” is a wonderful fusion of Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop that gets you grooving and keep you moving. 

To put it plainly, one of my favorite kingpin-like rappers, Swizz Beatz, said something back in 2013 that I feel suits the journey of PJ “Kingpin” Wilson and that is the “sky's not the limits, it's just the view.”  For this original Indie Music “Kingpin,” no other words could be truer.  So, make sure to clear your iPods and digital music platforms, because something spicy and soulful is coming out of Ontario with sights on going global in true kingpin formation! 

Check him out and let me know what you think readers! 


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