Raised on TV “Soul on Fire” (Alt. Rock) Los Angeles, CA. USA

When a song psychedelically builds in anticipation while including all of your senses, you know you are in for a treat.  That is exactly what the latest single from Raised on TV does to its listeners called “Soul on Fire.

Raised on TV is an Alternative Rock Trio based in Los Angeles California.  Their unconventional method in wrapping crucial social topics within modern, trend-worthy, beats and rhythms is so reminiscent of the 60s and 90s Rock bands – two decades in music where bands held a non-conforming aesthetic.  This establishes Raised on TV as one of our millennial Alt. Rock bands that will have staying power.

"Soul on Fire" is a song about digitally detoxing and detaching from the toxicity of technology while becoming reacquainted with reality.  And, if that catchy Psychedelic bleed-in intro does not get you hooked to this track, then the way this song evolves WILL have you hooked as if it were a drug. 

Note for note, the music is relentless in establishing that natural rhythmic Rock foundation by pulling back the melody of the leads and then allowing for the song to climb into a modulated anthemic hook.  It takes skill to patiently allow for each verse to introduce itself and let it remain with the listener while simutaneously letting the pre-chorus introduce itself and linger.  But, this sets the stage for a wonderful listening experience, because after this persistent-layered introduction occurs, then we have that hook that just soars - it's just fist pounding righteous man!  

Also, take note of the guitar solo at the 2 minutes and 22 seconds mark and how it just takes you way up into the nose bleed seats and then you are melodically taken back down to the front of the stage once the 2 minutes and 59 seconds mark comes in.  

Seriously, there are so many instrumental and vocal levers you can pull with this track to get a push.    

It is like you are entering a gate, then another gate, and yet another gate of expectations, then finally wind up at center stage, right there in living color experiencing a live concert.  By the time the front man sings “I feel like a soul on fire waiting to explode,” your jaw is already on the ground from excitement.  

And what makes this Alternative Rock track refreshing is its lack of monotony, the lack of over excited synths, and the INCLUSION of just PURE ROCK fueled feeling.  

This is LIT!  Red bull couldn’t do any better at getting you amped.  I can see this track making its way to the top of the Billboard Top 40 list QUICK! 


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