Rick Pisano “It Comes and It Goes” (Blues/Rock) Boston, Massachusetts/USA

Remember when Joe Cocker released “Up Where We Belong” in 1982 with Jennifer Warnes for An Officer and a Gentleman soundtrack and it became an international hit winning a spot-on Billboard’s Hot 100 and gaining a Grammy Award?  Sure, it was from the emotional delivery of both artists, coupled with the movie’s emotional storyline and finale, but in Cocker’s honor, I feel that it was Cocker’s voice that set that song on fire!  

It was that rough around the edges baritone that the audience really dug into – the type of voice that could make any song a tear jerker or a knee slapper, a theme song or an anthem.  In the tradition of that vocal prowess comes an Indie Music artist named Rick Pisano – a hard as nails singer, songwriter, guitarist, and arranger/producer from Boston, Massachusetts USA. 

As a vocalist, Pisano has that gritty, raspy, voice that can mesh into any genre and make any ole tune a hit just by adding those steel pipes.  His abilities on the guitar serves up the emotional foundation needed to bring such practical, yet fiery lyrics to life.  And his songwriting is unpretentious serving the audience their musical dose of reality.  

These musical artistic factors are illustrated on his track “It Comes and it Goes” – a Blues Rock track the burns and mellows at the same time as a shot of Jack Daniels. 

Featuring a nice Dirty South musical vibe that brings the imagery of Juke Joints and smoky rooms, this track includes a Muddy Waters mix of classic Blues married to modern Soul like John Mayer.  This Blues/Soul fusion all comes together with that amplified harmonica in homage of Little Walter paired with a heavy bass section, guitars, banging piano, and soul backing vocalists.  

Singing about how love in all of its radical forms come and goes like a river, Pisano’s track pumps the breaks in all the right places being raw and real, and it is all tempered with his voice and guitar. 

This track is featured on Pisano’s album “Dawn of a Waking Man;” download your copy today on iTunes!

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