Ryan Fox “On the Run” Alternative Rock (Kent)

Set things aside and focus on this piano-based piece of Rock music.  OMG!  The introduction of this track I am introducing to you is so commanding of your soul.  

On the Run” is a track by Ryan Fox that beckons the wonderful song stylings of Elton John, Lennon, and Pink Floyd – music that is more two dimensional in implementation and not your average one-trick pony. 

A song about a fugitive has never been so exciting and welcoming.  But, Fox’ choice to blend classical piano ascending and descending notes and chords (that usually makes our hearts melt) with a cheery vocal tone, and modest percussions, has produced a song that is full of texture and keeps the listener interested and ready to push replay.  In addition, the arpeggiated piano at the outro is reflective.  In short, “On the Run” is simply infectious! 

Very cinematic in its makeup, this track will stay with you like the taste of your best chardonnay! 

Preview more of Fox’ music at Apple Music.


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