Samuel Jack “Feels Like Summer” (Contemporary Soul) London, England

When an artist can just STAND on the stage and get everyone's attention with just-one-note, then that artist truly has a gift.  We saw that with some Motown late greats, as well as, some pop artists from the 1980s.  It's the voice - so outstanding that it can stand alone, and only gets magnified by the music.

Today, you can see and feel that effect with Samuel Jack.  That is exactly the takeaway I took when I was introduced to his voice – utter amazement.  So, you know what happened once the music joined that voice? mind blown! 

His latest track “Feels Like Summer” starts with Samuel Jack showcasing his seductive silk-laced baritone in an elusive setting and singing “there was something in the water making me go ‘wow’!” and he keeps us glued to this in-the-now track by letting this song steadily evolve with a soulful groove. 

The song’s lyrics revolve around the story of how a glance from a lover, the touch of one’s hand, or the thought of a lover, can take us back to a place in our youth that makes us shine – like summer. 

The brass section and guitars just highlight Samuel Jack’s sunsoaked melodies, while the handclaps are reminiscent of old school Soul and R&B tracks.  In addition, the percussions give the song that heartbeat suiting Samuel Jack’s soulful delivery spot-on.  

The video is so fresh and filled with in-your-face CGI and practical real-life views highlighted with vibrant colors.  It is as if you are seeing life through technicolor shades, and the song matches that view – living life in full color! 

It’s all here friends; and, you want to be there!  Samuel Jack makes a complex composition seem effortless!

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