“Skin / Veil Me Part 2” by Muriel & Blazquez (Leeds, England) Classical

Skin / Veil Me Part 2” is a poignant track by Muriel & Blazquez – a Classical music duo from Leeds, England. 

This single unfolds like a novel from the Romantic period with its imagery and impressionism, particularly in the way that Muriel & Blazquez utilized the element of human perception and experience within their writing. 

“Skin / Veil Me Pt. 2” enters softly, grows with textural cadence, and then exists softly.  Filled with harmonies that ebb and flow like waves, this track is a wonderful example of Modern Classical music with orchestrated live instrumentation in the form of a piano and only vocals.  

The storyline is complex but not rigid while lyrically sketching a picture of someone seeking shelter for their emotional toils choosing to envelop themselves into the night where everything fades to black.  Great word art! 

And Muriel & Blazquez display the importance of vocalizing issues through song by using their voices to bring out those deep emotions within the music in the same manner that artists who write concept albums utilize this technique.  This duo touches on social topics (i.e. depression) that often gets buried within the confines of social norms – and they execute it with class.  

“Skin / Veil Me Part 2” is a period piece set to music that you do not want to overlook! 

Check out the conceptual video of "Skin / Veil Me" Part 1 & 2.

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