Skylights: “YRA” (Indie Rock) UK

Rock music is alive and thriving in England in 2018 and we have the Skylights to thank for this.  Just being together for three months, this band of brothers (vocalist - Rob Scarisbrick / drummer - Myles Soley / guitarist - Turnbull Smith / and bassist - Jonny Scarisbrick) have thrown a musical curve ball right into the catcher’s mitt of the listening audience and what an impact! 

Just like a curve ball, the band’s newest release “YRA” has a musical grip all its own with a driving trajectory that is sure to put a spin on Indie Rock Music.  By placing their own fingerprint on basic Rock music's overused riffs, bass plucks, licks, EQ, percussions, and compression, the guys have kicked BASIC up to ACID with smoking guitar riffs, balanced instrumentation, tight rhythms, and big vocals.  

From that guitar riff at the 30-38 second mark that is mind-blowing, to that spine tingling lead at the 48-51 second mark which is mind numbing but righteous, on to that pulling hook that sings “can you feel it, can you feel it, it’s YRA?” this track has aspects of Rock, Punk, and Dance rhythms making it a versatile and aggressive piece of music.  This is so refreshing to the ears of varied listeners especially with the matter-of-fact lyrics.  

It’s a youthful up-tempo track full of energy and it has all the best elements we loved from bands like the Sex Pistols, Wham!, Erasure, and U2 - a hook that's infectious, fever-pitched tempo, and an overall Modern Rock swagger set to become a new standard in cult classics.  

This is not your child’s Rock Music, it is your Father’s Rock music kissed with 2018 aggressiveness.

The Skylights has given an audio-anthem to the Y2K generation and those coming before and after them with "YRA" so make sure to follow these guys on Twitter and check out their page to keep an eye on what comes NEXT! 

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