Song Review - Katie Ellen's "Can't We Just Be Friends"

Since friendships can be difficult, why make it more complicated by adding those 3 little words?  “Can’t We Just Be Friends” by Katie Ellen is a Country lyrical sweetheart note that meanders into a bit of Blues to soften the blow of taking that next step in a relationship.  Katie’s Passionate mezzo-soprano is reminiscent of a young Bonnie Raitt and she wastes no time in proving she has what it takes to blow the house down.  A #mustlisten for this summer.  

“Can’t We Just Be Friends” is a single from the full EP by Katie Ellen due to drop later this summer.  Thankfully, I will be posting my review of the full EP right here on KlefNotes.  I will keep you posted!  In the meantime, listen to the single below or go to to hear more from this beauty.