Sophia Bella Cucci Song Review


Indie Music’s Folk/Pop princess is back with a new release called “Lemons” and it contains every element needed to be a lasting favorite – belting vocals, transient soundscapes, real-world storylines, and instrumentation that personifies finesse. 

“Lemons” describes those dual components of any relationship, where it can be bitter and sweet.  The lyrics sing: 

Eating alone 

At least that's how it feels through the phone 

Wasting time 

Sifting through the fairytale in mind 

Silence bound 

Wondering what [is] left to say now 

Fading photos 

Of places we could have known 

Stuck in maybe 

Moments before you leave 

The song you sing is sweet but I am bitter 

The views of countryside at our dinner 

And right now isn't where we're gonna be 

Right now we have lemons 

Not so sweet 

The lemon metaphor highlights this observation showing the romantic fantasy and practical reality of both mates’ mindset and the internal/external circumstances, where love can be bitter, oily, bright, soft, tart, and sometimes, rotten.  The juxtaposition between reassuring vocal melodies and blue honest lyrics, paired with the melancholy instrumentation and confident vocal mood, plays well together.  Thus, it provides that split between the emotional disconnectedness that is often displayed in relationships and the high points within a union that makes loneliness and sadness that much harder to bare.  In addition, Bella-Cucci’s vocals drive this theme home with a vocal delivery that runs like silk slipping off the arm – smooth.  

“Lemons” purely explains that when life gives one lemons, making lemonade is not the only solution – sometimes, one must except the bitter and the sweet and have the optimistic foresight to expect a better path ahead. 

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