Soulful Fox “Hypnotize" (EDM) Liverpool, UK

If anyone is an enigma today in music, it would be Soulful Fox – she is anything but ordinary.  This Electronic Music beauty started out as a music teacher, studied to become an EDM DJ, and now creates music that feature dubsteps, downtempo, euphoric FX, and powerful synths.  She’s a Millennial woman in every aspect of the term, and a universal artist that is soon to be a household name and a frequent-club music supplier. 

Soulful Fox’ latest track “Hypnotize” does just that, it hypnotizes you from the first beat’s command onto its conclusion – it keeps you in a seductive trance for three minutes and 13 seconds.  “Hypnotize” is a wonderful mysterious EDM track that plays like your last exhale of that cigarette or that first breath after a kiss . . . yes, it is that ah-mazing! 

The alluring female vocal sample on this track cooperates with the music well, and the music pull backs are placed in the right spots giving way to mystery.  The odd pure tones of the synths, and the stick and jab effects of the percussions, makes for a driving track. 

Every riff, sample, arrangement of MIDI, synth loop, and composed instrumentation was all done by Soulful Fox with pristine, power, and poise.  If you have not heard of her, then you are missing out on one of Indie Music’s best sought after artists.  

True to her name, Soulful Fox can swiftly and cleverly maneuver music and overlay EDM tracks with a soulful bounce. 

There is more to come from the FOX – keep your ears and eyes on her Twitter page.

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