Sunflower Thieves “Two Halves” (Folk-Pop) UK

Two Halves” is a song by the UK female-fronted Folk-Pop band Sunflower Thieves and it places the human-touch back into Modern Folk-Pop music.

The inspiring track tells the tale about the basic flexibility between true friendships where two people who are now in two different places in their lives can still cautiously make room for one or the other and their circumstances.  The catchy hook sings, “let's sit and watch the sunset and think about the concept, cause I don't wanna be a threat to you” placing an emphasis on the song’s theme.  This treats this subject matter more optimistically instead of solemnly like many 'conversational' songs where there is less anticipation and more sadness.  A great contrast and songwriting technique. 

In addition, Sunflower Thieves display their vocal and musical talents on their latest track. 

The quiet blend of modern contralto and soprano vocals marry well with the riveting instrumentation and keeps in formation of the song’s confidence.  And as the slight highs and lows of the music suggests a sort of Zen mood that keeps you in calm state, the main musical foundation keeps a mid-up-tempo beat and an underlying kick that keeps the overall track hopeful.  It has a nice ‘unplugged’ foundation which merits the band’s Folk roots and makes for a very authentic track.  

Moreover, the way that the two vocalists chose to individually take a lead and blend for the pre-chorus and hooks creates a chilled-out emotion that fits the track nicely.  Melodically, it’s like when friends share a drink and pass it amongst each other to bond or keep a bond – very personable, peaceful, and endearing. 

In short, Sunflower Thieves newest track is a wonderful musical formula that sketches the positive possibilities of two halves always making one whole no matter the circumstance when it comes to friends. 

The song is already jumping up the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and securing live sessions for the Sunflower Thieves up and down the UK, so please DOWNLOAD  your copy today so that you do not miss this fast-moving, inspiring track.  Also follow the band on Twitter  and Instagram

Enjoy their live video!!

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