The Great Escape “All You Got is Gold” (FOLK) Venice, California USA

You can say that The Great Escape has created a type of musical gold rush globally with their modern-vintage style and hook-driven songs.  One of their latest tracks, “All You Got is Gold,” was featured in the popular NETFLIX series “The Haunting of Hill House” and explores the topic of being pleasantly satisfied with the little things, those things in life that people often place little to no value on like love, laughter, and/or life in general.  Nice to hear a track that has descriptive lyrics illustrating how life’s most tangible things are as precious as gold, especially true love and affection.  As Ingrid Andersson sings:  the “universe [is] in bloom.” 

Less is more with “All You Got is Gold.” The track itself features minimal instrumentation, but the pieces included on this track (bass drum, banjo, harmonium, and lead guitar) packs a big punch and gives us that foot stomping-blissful vibe we crave.  Ingrid Andersson’s voice represents passionate power on all levels and holds a pleasantly raspy, chill, and sexy vocal prowess.  She sings with the same passion that Tracey Chapman captivates us with, a practical poise and attitude laced with casualness and emotion that just resonates to all of us – so polished and addicting.  That type of raw vocal on this track is so earthly solid and pleasing. 

Moreover, Malte Hagemeister and Kristian Nord balances Andersson by bringing the grit and confidence creating an overall freeing experience.  The way Andersson, Hagemeister, and Nord all chime in singing “gold” towards the song’s closing, and the emotion and passion that is heard in their voices and seen on their faces in the video, equates to awesome musicianship! 

What captivated me about the video for “All You Got is Gold” is that classic Hollywood cinematography that glues you to the screen with only using the colors of black and white.  This vintage look tied to a grass-roots type of studio set up all evokes a sort of quasi sparkle like gold as it really fascinates you like a shiny coin on the street. 

“All You Got is Gold” just takes you there, you know.  You are really saying “yes” once the track concludes.  

What The Great Escape has created with “All You Got is Gold” is a vibrant heavy piece of Cartier in the shape of organic wild flowers (thorns and all) and sun kissed music notes.

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