The Million Reasons “Battle of Sound” (Rock) Chicago, Illinois USA

What would happen if you were to blend Maroon 5 with Aerosmith on one track?  You would get a nice modern Rock-Pop track that has some Soulful elements and a lot of heat.  That is similar to what The Million Reasons (TMR) has accomplished with their newest single “Battle of Sound.” 

With this cut, they have taken a concept and gave it life!!

First, we are smacked with killer drums, cursing guitars, and a guitar riff that becomes the hook and threads through the entire piece.   

Additional elevation is introduced by the front-man’s peppery vocals and that classic TMR texture of sound highlighted at the one minute / eleven seconds mark where the song displays its layers, drops, and rises again like a phoenix with a solo guitar screaming and kissing those magnetic percussions that I know left sparks.  

Then, at the one minute / thirty-three seconds mark an anthemic “who do you think kicks the power back on?” is shouted and the track gets heated up with a major guitar-growl before the track’s pilot light blows out. 


And that's just the track by itself. 

Now, I am going to ask another question:  What would happen if you were to give an Indie music band the control of Carpool Karaoke?  Oh, it will be lit and on fire!  

Case in point:  the “Battle of Sound” official video was released on YouTube on November 2nd and spoofs the reality of playing live in an automobile with a fun battle of sound.  Contrasting the unrealistic method of Carpool Karaoke where guests and the host smoothly sing to the pre-recorded tracks of the visiting celebrities with ease, this Indie Music band places their grasp on this LIVE concept and shares the honest results - an actual battle of sounds where every turn, stop, and jerk of the vehicle alters the band's position but never effects the sound. And even though this has a reality show feel to it, there is nothing bloated about its concept or production. 

After listening to this track that I was gifted with by one of my favorite USA Indie Rock bands, I stepped away from my desk and gave a virtual mic drop!  This fast-paced single is definitely a ROCK-worthy modern hit. 

If you are in the Chi-Town area today (11/07/18), why not step into the Beat Kitchen to see the boys in action.

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