ThraVine “Shine On” (Rock) Denmark

ThraVine wastes no time in jumping into the deep end of the pool with “Shine On” – their second single that just released today! 

Filled with slashing guitars, off the cuff percussions, and vocals that stare you down, this beautiful Rock ballad gives us a glimpse into a modern-day fairytale where true love does exist – Gabriel LaVine sings:   You’re the one for me / I’m your ecstasy / we’re right where we need to be / my love / shine on my love.  LaVine's somber, dragging, execution of his leads is sexy and pairs well with Henrik Thrane's bright adlibs giving the song such rich texture and attitude.  This vocal treatment gives off a sense of rule-defiance and control of love.  Perfect! 

In addition, this crowd-pleaser keeps the listeners glued to the speakers with that wonderfully tantalizing evanescent hook instantly transporting you to those rocking, righteous, Rock ballads back in the day.  Still, “Shine On’s” lyrical and instrumental stamina and drive, as well as, its exuberant melody, keeps you in the present-day. 

This track is trend-worthy and fresh – this is just the song we were waiting for to make our summer nights SHINE ON!



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