Tracy Colletto “Patmos” (Folk Pop) USA

It seems that as we get older, or shall I say, “aged for greatness,” we see how small the globe is when it comes to meeting new people and sampling new things.  For me, one such place is Philadelphia Pennsylvania (Philly to us East Coast peeps). 

As an Indie Music journalist, I split my working time between London and Maryland USA.  I know, it sounds weird, but hey, we have the NYLONS (work in London and New York), so why not MERLONS (that sounds better for writers as Merlon is in literature).  But I digress. 

Philadelphia PA is so close to my heart as I visited it often in my life.  The natural attractions, nightlife, and music is uniquely East Coast affair.  I had no idea that one of Indie Music’s beautiful, talented, artist was my neighbor.  Tracy Colletto (singer, songwriter, keyboardist) recognized for her reflective music, resides in Philly. 

This multifaceted artist is reawakening the senses when it comes to Modern Folk Pop with songs that encircle you, encase you, and keep you pressed for more magic.  This is evident on her latest single “Patmos” off of the “Chocolate Happy Cake” EP. 

Patmos” is a ballad that highlights the feeling of euphoria and starts off like you are placing one foot into an ocean.  Sure, Patmos is literally an island in the Aegean Sea, but metaphorically, one can find their inner PATMOS by finding peace within and finding the victories through the failures of life, and that is what Colletto’s lyrics show, she sings:  On this fairest day in history / Is when I found this peaceful mystery / I cannot believe it, oh I can’t believe . . . Everything that’s weary of this life, falls far behind me / Everything is seen in different light . . . I want to stay and never ever leave / I cannot believe it, oh I can’t believe / I want to stay and never ever leave

Setting the mood is Colletto’s pleasant plainspoken soprano vocals that do not suppress the melody.  There is less reverb on Colletto’s vocals which creates an intimate feeling.  Moreover, the accompanying instruments ties everything together into one neat bow (easy guitars, stoic cello, forgiving piano, and lenient percussions).  The dual vocal FX towards the outro adds a nice layering effect and texture to a serene track. 

If you enjoy this track, then you will LOVE the entire EP “Chocolate Happy Cake” – a twelve track collection that illustrates having your cake in life and eating it too by enjoying life’s journey, its revolutions, and living to tell YOUR story.  So, make sure to check out “Patmos” and download the full EP “Chocolate Happy Cake” HERE.

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  • Tracy Colletto
    Tracy Colletto
    Thank you so much, Kiki for this review. You made my week!

    Thank you so much, Kiki for this review. You made my week!

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