Triple Creek “Torn Down Whole” (Rock) Ohio

Torn Down Whole” is a song by American Rock band Triple Creek.  Forming in 2017, Triple Creek has waisted little time in tearing up the streets with their style of righteous Rock music, and this latest cut does not disappoint.

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and other major music platforms, “Torn Down Whole” is the song you need to PUSH you into 2019.  Its professionally amped up, unapologetic, guitar riffs and percussive command to the beat spearheads lyrics that speak about a reckless relationship that has crashed and burned. 

Out the gate, it was nice to hear the front man quietly ease into the cut, vocally building from verse to hook allowing the track to gain momentum – a great twist from many Rock artists who scream into the mic from intro to outro.  The track’s tempo beacons a Post-Grunge register which is welcoming as it keeps the song in a melancholy, yet unbreakable, direction. 

Full of layers of sizzling instrumentation, this track is full of surprises!  At the two minutes / 30 seconds mark, the guitar starts stuttering in and climbs to an arena-worthy solo that just showcases pure POWER.

If you are fans of Creed and Pearl Jam, it would be an accident NOT to pick up this track!

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