VAVO “No Friend Zone” (EDM) New York USA

If you are looking to break free from music monotony, then exhale and pin your ears onto “No Friend Zone” by VAVO – one of the best EDM duos existing right now who are having fun breaking through traditional walls and building new ones with Modern frames within EDM.  Evidence of this is heard on their newest cut “No Friend Zone.”

Trailing off the heels of their Billboard charting track “Sleeping Alone,” “No Friend Zone” is an EDM track that borrows from classic Electronic Dance Music with its Trance instrumentation and stays prevalently Modern with its Progressive House production and arrangement.  

This unconventional music production is established by the duo utilizing vocal FX fused with an emphasis on basslines, kick drum, kickdown drum, snares, and some mellowed-down Calypso rhythm in the case of its bpm and melody.  The track opens by crawling steadily and then building progressively into a music crowd-dive at the 47 second mark.  The storyline uses the title of the track as a warning sign of a relationship showing signs of affection gone adrift.  In other words, when things fall into the “No Friend Zone,” it’s best to walk away.  

Both Alden Martin and Jesse Fischer share verse space that feature subtle lyrical executions that swiftly build into the infectious hook that rides the song to its end.  In addition, with a length of three minutes and twenty-one seconds, VAVO’s latest track features a shorter length which allows for the audience to WANT to come back for a re-visit versus older EDM tracks that feature longer lengths that may bring on boredom or overall redundancy.  

The only missing element on this EDM track is the typical clutter and lack of free-space that many mainstream EDM tracks incorporate to replace creativity.  With VAVO’s “No Friend Zone” the invitation to imagine and vibe is limitless. 

I’d call this single a musical low-rider as it is heavy in its bottom, mellow in its lyrical drag (force), and light in its treatment.  Smokin! 

This new single dropped on June 29 and has not shown any signs of slowing down. 

VAVO is at the cusp of exploding in both Indie and Mainstream as they are already being featured in Billboard, This Song Slaps, I Want EDM, We Rave You, Music Existence, and on social media/online promo platforms.  And, there is no better way to keep up with the dual’s fever pitch than to get your hands on this new track by going to Additionally, keep up with VAVO at their official Facebook page  and Twitter.

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