Velvet & Stone “By the Water” (Folk-Americana) Devon, UK

Velvet & Stone, one of our favorite Indie Folk duos have just released “By the Water,” another tempting prelude to their highly anticipated self-titled album due to drop this summer!!  Standing in contrast from the Contemporary Folk of “Oh Boy,” “By the Water” infuses a fresh up-tempo Folk-Americana vibe that beacons summertime.

This latest single deals with how people from different worlds could love equally and honestly without preconceptions when they have a common safe place to bond.  In “By the Water,” that common safe place is the water – a place of tranquility, peace, and unbiasedness – an even playing field where two lovers can encounter each other without prejudiced eyes watching or opiniated ears listening.  The lyrics perfectly defines this description, singing:  Once there was a boy and a girl who couldn’t see / their blindness was catching / they circled around you, around me / but still they ran and they hoped that no one was watching through the trees / and there they broke and they spoke by the river / tell no one but the sea / break me down by the river / you’re the fire that I seek / meet me there by the water / reflecting back at me / whisper low by the river / carry me down stream / meet me there by the water for all to see

Lara Snowdon does a wonderful job executing this track by adding texture to her vocals being soft in some spots of the lead and then harsh in the backing vocals and bridge.  The additional solo adlibs of “ooh-hoo” gives the track so much character. 

Equally, each player adds to the quiet power of this track with Snowdon’s vocals/guitar/writing, Kathryn Tremlett on violins, Kev Jackson on guitar, Garry Kroll on percussions, and Paddy Blight on double-bass.  

Blending tempered Bluegrass and Folk instrumentation of acoustic guitars, double bass, tambourines, heavy percussions, and violins all played with a spirited style, along with a lead vocal that carries a passionate tune laced with soul, makes “By the Water” a modern Folk-Americana track that is easy-breezy and ideally a classic working class anthem.

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