Verity White “Fade Away - Ian's Song” (Rock) UK

Fade Away” is a song by British Rock artist Verity White.  

No stranger to the Indie Music world, White is known for her sassy style, rock solid hooks, power-driven instrumentation, and hard-as-nails persona laced with sexiness – this gives her an edge that makes fans keep coming back for more and more. 

Almost catharsis in its approach, White’s newest release “Fade Away” is a track about loss and how that experience leaves the mourning lost for words, answers, and feelings – it is numbing and only becomes felt once it is fully grasped. 

From the start of the track, you are drawn in and captivated by White’s raw, yet passionate, vocal stamina that continues to be impressionable throughout the entire track.   The powerful melody helps move this Classic Rock ballad forward at a pace similar to that of Def Leppard and Sting’s more rich tracks enabling White’s true-to-form edgy style to be reflected on the cut.  In addition, the thought-provoking, true, lyrics give the track structure and heft to support the guitar riffs, wild synths, and hot percussions, including hi-hats and cymbals. 


On this track, I’d like to say there are two sides – a great production technique mirroring the torn emotions of a person in grief.  There is the east side (verse one and two) where the artist is more melancholy and perplexed and her vocals support this by being more soft and desolate, and then there is the west side (outro), so to speak, the other side, where the artist is more aggressive and awakened by the reality of the ordeal – her vocals support this emotion by being more rigid and flashy.  The dual vocalized bridge at the 2 minutes / 22 seconds mark connects these two sides perfectly by drawing back some on the instrumentation and adding harmony notes bouncing off of each other highlighting that dual effect which soon expels leading to the song’s faded conclusion. 

On all counts, “Fade Away” connects us all in learning how to cope with loss and accept the dimness that comes along with grief before the brightness of clarity sets in – sharing helps us to heal. 

Only Verity White can accomplish a song that reaches so deep and helps the listener feel less alone in the end. 

“Fade Away” released on October 6th, make sure to get your copy here  and ENJOY the video!  Please comment below :)


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