Verity White “Own Me” (Heavy Metal Rock) UK

Unlike some women in Rock, Verity White does not settle, no she keeps working and ringing the alarm when it comes to female empowerment.  Just in time, The Mistress of Rock is back, and she is slinging darts on her recent release “Own Me” – a wonderful mix of feminine rebelliousness (think 1980s Madonna) combined with Modern Heavy Metal. 

As usual, Verity’s vocal presence is visual and strong.  With operative vocals and meticulous writing, the track’s premise is about standing up for your independence, being recognized as your TRUE self, and not sacrificing for nothing – not even for love.  The details of the track are: “you don't own me /change your perception, of what you think your seeing / change my directions, oh man you must be kidding! / I do what I want / you do what I say / why can't it be that way? / so what you thinking, can't put me in a box? / holding me down and feeding me opinions while I choke on all your antiquated views of the past / sure I want some answers but this boy club is not what I thought it would be / why can't I do me?” 

The track have that distinctive straightforward verse-refrain structure that is reminiscent of classic Rock, but what elevates this track is its Heavy Metal musical foundation with organized thick guitars that are amped up and distorted, a forceful drumline, and synths which makes for a massive ah-mazing sound.  In addition, Verity gives us some 1980s vibes with her background vocals that have that Rock tinged unison.  

At the two minute / eleven seconds mark, we are slapped with “welcome to the jungle” like guitars all slashing and clashing to Verity’s quick-paced rhythmic vocal scat, and then adding texture, the music pulls back at the two minute / 41 seconds point where the seductive bridge introduces itself.  The hypnotic hook continues to the outro and what we are left with is nothing short of delicious power. 

That’s why I LOVE the Mistress of Rock because she is not afraid to mix things up like a righteous cocktail and throw it in the face of the masses.  Verity is living her truth and is setting it to music.  As she sings, “can’t put me in a box” – and you ain’t lying baby!  

So, make sure to buy the digital track now on Verity’s Bandcamp  page.  “Own Me” will be available for streaming on the 11th of this month.  And since Verity has been marveling live audiences and fans, check out her preceding releases here to make sure you build your collection of the Mistress of Rock.

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