Dallas Cosmas' Alpha Beta Gamma 

You know the feeling of slipping into your favorite leather jacket?  The one that is worn a bit with some loose fringes and cracks, but it is still supple that it just fits the best?  And even though it may be an odd color, that jacket just goes with everything?  Well, good music should be just like that jacket, and the artist creating such music is like that designer who fashioned that leather jacket in the first place – so skilled to sew in all of the detail, so willful to push the bar, and so…

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A Night In November's A Mop on a Segway 

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new band called A Night in November (ANIN).  Originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, England, the band includes Gareth (singer/bass), Luis (screamer/guitar), and Costa (drums).  These cats are creating Pop Punk music that sounds the way Pop Punk is supposed to sound – we have the screams, the crying guitars, the distorted guitars, and fast tempos.  And, a bonus to the music is the authentic choice the band chose to make. 

Out of the gate, the trio opted to keep their…

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Jambrains' Lost Horizons 

Reintroducing an artist to readers and fans is one of the best things about being a Music Journalist because it shows how music is ever-evolving.  This time around it’s the music of Jambrains.  

To reiterate, Jambrains is the solo project of Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Johan Alm.  I will be reviewing the newest release from Jambrains called Lost Horizons.  

Lost Horizons is a collection of six songs that touch on life’s most concrete emotions such as misery, optimism, and loss: 

  1. Again…

Simon Irvine “Ritual Music” (Electronica / Synth-Pop) Australia 

As a music journalist, when I am sent music that sounds as if it was meticulously mixed inside of the meanest, most exhilarating, music lab there ever was in modern music, I just must share the music.  So glad I was gifted Ritual Music by Simon Irvine from my friend Tracey Arbon

Irvine is an Electronic musician and producer from Brisbane, Australia and I have been living with all twelve tracks from off of his Ritual Music album since September of this year.  Time only allowed me the opportunity to…

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Lucy Booth “Forest Fire” (Alt. Pop) Leeds, UK 

Forest Fire” is an Alternative Pop track by Lucy Booth. In this authentic conceptual track, the point of view is told by that artist’s observation of the negative consequences from man’s series of bad choices which in turn wreaks havoc on our planet. 

The song starts with an entrancing jewelry box effect that is laced with soft adlibs.  Booth’s full of air leads captivate the listener and soon explode into flames of urgency singing about how every action is followed by a consequence that either drives…

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Katie Kittermaster Coming Home at Dawn 

It takes supremacy over one’s skill, style, and representation to become a formidable contender in the world of music today.  With such image-driven artists, and copycat competitors, it is hard to find an artist who is original, yet passionate about their recording career so much that they allow little to no interference of obstacles.  Hey life happens, but when an artist makes it their sole pursuit to defeat the odds, then they are truly a viable performer in every right.  One such force to be reckoned…

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Iron Mike Norton “Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t My Baby” (Rock-Blues / Hip-Hop) Florida, USA 

Forget everything you THINK you know about the song Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t My Baby by Louis Jordan (1943) as Iron Mike Norton has adapted this track to bring the weight of THEN and NOW!  Norton’s rendition of the favored oldie carries a heavy bottom and a nice smoky-room type of demeanor.  The swag of this track is amazing.  Not sacrificing modernity for plays, Iron Mike Norton keeps the track rooted in its Bluesy genre, keeps the traditional attitude of the track in its place, and his raspy…

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Sunflower Thieves “Heavy Weight” (Pop-Folk) Leeds, UK 

 “Heavy Weight” is a song by Leeds duo Sunflower Thieves.  The track features a nice warm musical atmosphere and beacons why we fell in love with Sunflower Thieves in the first place – that presence of peace within words and music that allows for reflection and relaxation.  The way that the duo sings this track enhances the significance of the song’s message which is personal awareness and the ceasing of carrying the weight of the world!  Moreover, the lyrics ask the questions that help people stop…

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Gozer Goodspeed “Running with the Outliers” (Prog. Rock / Modern Folk) UK 

Just released this month on the 4th from Whistlewood Studios is the latest single by one of the hottest Progressive Rock / Modern Folk artists crashing the music scene – it is called “Running with the Outliers” by Gozer Goodspeed.

Goodspeed is synonymous for dropping tracks that are all consuming when it comes to psychedelic rhythms, snarly guitars, and lyrics that just POP!  “Running with the Outliers” encompasses all of that and then some.  The storyline speaks about how one can be incognizant to their…

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Barbara Borgelin “Woman Shine” Denmark 

When a song features a snazzy beat and a sly stimulating lead, the only thing one needs to do is add their favorite dance moves to make it complete.  Right here, right now, Barbara Borgelin’s “Woman Shine” mixes up all of those elements and finishes with a fully sewn up track about female respect and adornment.  The lyrics sing:  What do you do to make your woman shine? / What do you do to make her feel fine? / Living with you is too much about you / Try to see her, try something new! / Make your woman

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