Gozer Goodspeed - Running with the Outliers (EP) 

Running with the Outliers is the first album by Gozer Goodspeed following the release of two successful Eps: The Barrell Headlong into the Night and Impossible to Pick Up.  Goodspeed is an Indie Folk singer from Plymouth who has become a musical mainstay in the West Country live scene.  

Running with the Outliers blends Modern Folk with elements of Blues and Rock.  This album features seven songs that fully personifies the rationale involved with human behavior and emotion: 

  1. Running with the Outliers 

The Million Reasons - If Not For The Fire (EP) 

If you have ever wondered the meaning behind the old proverb that states “What you lose in the fire, you will find amongst the ashes,” you will find some answers in listening to The Million Reasons’ new EP entitled If Not For the Fire.  

The Million Reasons (TMR) is a Chicago, Illinois American Modern Rock N’ Roll band who is committed to risking it all to give their fans that open-road vibe that true Rock delivers. 

The four tracks that complete this EP gives musical evidence to the fact that loss is not…

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James Bakian "Find Me" (single) 

​​​​​​​Bakian’s latest cut “Find Me” is a R&B ballad with a great command to its beat with plenty of girth when it comes to voice.  Bakian straddles between second tenor and baritone and stays in key and timbre.  The hook and verses relate the story of waiting for love to find you while also indicating the exhaustive passion and confidence it takes to find TRUE love.  Bakian sings:  I’m doing my own thing / Didn’t suspect that you would notice me / Tryna figure out if I still fit in my skin / And I ain’t

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Becky Bowe "Don't Darken My Door" (single) 

OMG, when Becky Bowe softly starts her song singing in that pleasant silky soprano with the words: “I’ve made up my mind, ran around a thousand times, strong enough to see when something is wrong, now I wanna be free, free from everything, sorry it ended this way . . . don’t darken my door.” I just stood up and said “YES GIRL!”  "Don't Darken My Door" is the Pop R&B ballad of the spring.  A song about self-love, reflection, endurance, and moving on awaits the ears of everyone who is longing for REAL MUSIC…

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Ivory Tower Project III 

Has anyone reading this review ever wondered why so many commercials on television have been using songs from decades before the 1990’s to represent their product?  The answer is simple – people miss GOOD music!  That’s it! 

When I am driving in my car, I rarely turn on the Top 40 music stations as I opt to place in a CD from a band I have reviewed or a classic artist.  Sure, I do listen to music that is trending to keep my ear on new musicianship in terms of technology, studio FX, etc., but when it is…

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Felony Case "Strangers Give More" 

1980s Rock is alive and kicking in 2020 – all due to Felony Case, a five-member Rock band hailing from Ioannina, Greece.  

Felony Case’s first EP to drop is entitled Strangers Give More, and what the band has so brilliantly accomplished with this EP is that they have harnessed music from distant decades and have fused them together to fashion a sound that people call “New School Old School Rock.”  So, sit back, pour your favorite drink, and get ready to be surprised. 

This is my review of Strangers Give…

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Juan Sanchez’ “Rebirth” Neo Classical/Ambient  

I have selected a Neo-Classical/Ambient track to smoothly usher us into this year called 2020.  The track is called “Rebirth” taken from the album of the same name.  Juan Sanchez is the composer who so surgically melted this heart-soothing hit - just enough to REFRESH stagnancy.  

In just four minutes, the ascending piano notes of “Rebirth” climb to meet an emotional hidden story about refining one’s pace, rediscovering one’s path in life, or redirecting self-doubts, and then leaves with slow footprints. 

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Forest Robots' Times When I Know You’ll Watch the Sky 

The road less traveled is filled with the most interesting things – the more daring feats that forces change to take place in life, and the most tranquil of places that gives pause when life is too hectic.  Regardless, the road less traveled brings about change from the norm – it’s exciting.  This brings me to Fran Dominguez (Forest Robots).  

I have reviewed Forest Robots twice since being introduced to his instrumental music simply because he always gives his audience a different perspective when it…

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Dallas Cosmas' Alpha Beta Gamma 

You know the feeling of slipping into your favorite leather jacket?  The one that is worn a bit with some loose fringes and cracks, but it is still supple that it just fits the best?  And even though it may be an odd color, that jacket just goes with everything?  Well, good music should be just like that jacket, and the artist creating such music is like that designer who fashioned that leather jacket in the first place – so skilled to sew in all of the detail, so willful to push the bar, and so…

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A Night In November's A Mop on a Segway 

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new band called A Night in November (ANIN).  Originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, England, the band includes Gareth (singer/bass), Luis (screamer/guitar), and Costa (drums).  These cats are creating Pop Punk music that sounds the way Pop Punk is supposed to sound – we have the screams, the crying guitars, the distorted guitars, and fast tempos.  And, a bonus to the music is the authentic choice the band chose to make. 

Out of the gate, the trio opted to keep their…

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