GJART & Deggsy “Nightbirds” (Electro Glam Synth)

When Retro synths combine with Millennium beats there can only be one thing … an instant Summer cult hit.  GJART’s “Nightbirds” brings that to us guys. 

Teaming up with fellow musician, producer, collaborator Deggsy, “Nightbirds” feature lyrics that draw a picture-perfect painting of how we look forward to shredding the layers of everyday life to really come to life in the club – a place where everything is lit and enjoyable and how the vibe created inside of that space, and the memories made there, waits for us until the next time around.  It is that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mentality set to music and it is sure to be a summertime “re-invent yourself” type of track. 

The track starts out mellow and builds on quiet synths and percussions, then it gradually mutates into a heightened energy that is harnessed so that it does not escape your groove.  In addition, the two-step command on the beat, light elemental lyrics, and angst FX all mesh to create a musical personality that wonderfully illustrates that YOLO vibe.  Not to mention those rhythm-continual vocals that keeps up with the evolving synths making a track that is both nostalgic and trendy.  The rolling vocal effects brings you to the outro and gives a reminder of who we are – Nightbirds “tearing up the dancefloor.” 

GJART is reawakening a part of music that was beginning to soften and that is the serious Electro Synth musician.  His take on trance beats, fused synths, and monster hooks (which he calls Electro Glam Synth) is what made us love Depeche Mode, Petshop Boys, and others who spearheaded the New Wave Synth era back in the day.  Those artists who took the Electronic music seriously and left nothing to chance. 

“Nightbirds” was made for the night and the spotlight. For my readers who are beach-bums, beach-babes, club hoppers, and trail blazers, this song is for you.  Make sure to get your copy on June 1st!

Here’s your Spotify Pre-Save Link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/gjart/driq!

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