Jerry Hull "Strange Afternoons"

The Mozart of the Millennium is back with a reflective experimental collection of music called “Strange Afternoons.”  A follow-up to “Celebrate in the Sunshine,” “Strange Afternoons” is a thematically varied collection of music that is primarily set in the British 1960’s Psychedelic era.  But in typical Jerry Hull method, there is no limit as to the direction of the album as it features songs that fans of nearly every genre of music can vibe to:  Soul, Pop, Gospel, Rock, R&B, Delta Blues, Jazz, Americana, Orchestral, Ragtime, and some subgenres. 

“Strange Afternoons” was released on the 18th of this month and feature sixteen tracks:

  1. Supercharged Chassis
  2. All You’ve Been Looking For
  3. Periscope Down
  4. The Rolling Clouds
  5. Springtime Is Near (Song on Awakening)
  6. Dreamscape’s Like Magic
  7. You Are the One
  8. Strange Afternoons
  9. My Mind’s on You
  10. Mulholland Drive
  11. Call of Spring
  12. Foreign Agent Lover
  13. Our Love Means More
  14. Want to Be Your Lover
  15. Flight of The Wistful Dreamer (Movement In G)
  16. Can’t Get You Out of My Head 

In this review, I will place a spotlight on four tracks - one which is a released single and three possible releases from "Strange Afternoons":

Supercharged Chassis” is that elevated classic Rock cut that tears you up and pulls you back together with R&B Bluesy chord progressions, licking guitars, and keys, keys, keys just jetting throughout the entire track.  The lovely chord and vocal melody descension is nothing short of genius as it gives off the same effect as the peddle being put to the metal descending before it revs up.  And once again, Hull does not let us down with flavor, texture, and tuned-up melodies.  “Supercharged Chassis” is a double number one hit on two radio stations and growing in momentum! 

The second track “All You’ve Been Looking For” opens with a flamboyant electric guitar and a stuttered guitar effect revealing an eclectic Pop Rock track that includes tambourines and yellow-hot percussions!  The bumping bass guitar also has a semi-solo before Hull lets into the bridge with a wonderful musical solo.  A nice twist from the norm (as only the Mozart of the Millennium would do) is the way Hull lets the music lead the track as he plays second place to the music with his lyrics melodically telling the story of soul-searching.  I also enjoyed the way the track goes into the outro with Hull doing multiple harmony lines that adds a dream like Beach Boys vibe.  

Sound FX of the sea greets you with “Periscope Down” – a happy Psychedelic track that plays very much like a McCartney meets Bowie cut.  Hull does wonders with technique on this track to bring to life his experience with Captain Tea on a submarine “into the deep blue green sea.”  One such example of technique is the fluctuating of each varying effect between verse and chorus thus bringing so much imagery to the track.  I additionally enjoyed the echo as well as the brass and piano just taking the texture of the track up 2-3 levels of RIGHT!  This track really is an adventure! 

And the last single is “Foreign Agent Lover” – a Pop meets Boogie Woogie song that tells the story of Hull’s encounter with a female spy and the consequences that ensue.  It is 007 set to music and Jerry Hull is the central character making moves, bobbing and weaving, and living life on the edge.  Blending experimental and standard synth effects brings more life to the orchestrated picture.  From tickling the keys to setting fire to the drums, the details contained in this cut is so magnificent.  It is worth a listen or two or three – just place it on replay! 

Today in music, we rarely hear tracks that really are about true-life experiences.  Often, we hear songs that are set to moments or just ideas – lost is the human experience when it comes to music in some musical forums.  But in Indie Music, we still get to hear the reality instead of the fiction – and that is what Jerry Hull has given us in his most recent album. 

In keeping with the typical formula of his music, Hull again has masterfully brought his memories to life by way of music and lyrical imagery.  Within the songs written in this collection we get to witness daring experiences, one-night stands, love for love’s sake, pain, and the consequences of life in general.  So please, also give an ear to these tracks: Dreamscape’s Like Magic, Strange Afternoons (title track), Want to Be Your Lover, Mulholland Drive, Call of Spring, Can’t Get You Out of My Head, and the epic track Flight of The Wistful Dreamer (movement in G). 

In many ways “Strange Afternoons” is like a Broadway show contained on one disc.  The way Hull produced this collection, it really does take the listener through the chapters and some subheadings of an artist’s life – the colors of experiences, enchantment, drama, pain, startling energy, subdued noise, and the emotional highs and lows.  Isn’t that what theater is all about?  Memories and experiences brought to life by the art and the artist on a big stage?  Well, that concept is contained within this sixteen-track musical collection by Jerry Hull.  It is as if he has brought the stage to your audio player.

And that is why I dubbed Hull “The Mozart of the Millennium” because he composes quality music from the viewpoint of a Classical artist leaving nothing to chance – if it is in the album, I guarantee he wanted it there. 

Much like the composers of lore, Hull contemplates, compose, edits, records, mix, and masters every track as if it were his sole single making sure each track feature a compelling storyline and his Midas touch.  And in keeping up with the modern, Hull continues to push the envelope much like Elton John as he envelops some trends and new techniques within his style music.

“Strange Afternoons” is available digitally in over 150 stores and in over 78 countries worldwide including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Googleplay and iHeartRadio.  Do not waste time in getting your hands on this album – it is a musical cinematic experience that you will not want to miss.

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