Building Your Musical Brand! 


I was having an online discussion with some of my international music friends, and we were trying to figure out what’s the difference between artists and bands today compared to artists and bands from decades ago?  We narrowed it down to one simple detail:  artists and bands today rarely have a recognizable brand. 

So, first things first, what is your brand?  Better yet, what is a brand?  It is not your gimmick. 

A gimmick is part of your image – an aspect of your brand.…

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How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing?? 


If you are in the business of content marketing, then you fully understand how what you display as your brand is just as important as what your business sells.  Image is everything in this sector of business, and there is no better way to illustrate your brand’s image than to have a webpage. 

Whether your company chooses the DIY route to create a website or use the skills of a professional, remember that having a website and having a website that POPS is an entirely…

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Got Google Search Statistics? 

“It’s just another manic Monday” as The Bangles sang in the chorus of their 1980s hit, and yes for you it is Monday morning and you have your game face on.  You got this – you always check your social media pages to see what’s new; you converse with your small circle of best friends every weekend to see what the latest word on the street locally is, and you have skimmed the pages of Cosmo over the weekend to see what to wear that is in fashion besides your comfy Nikes. 

So you jump into your ride and per…

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TRUE Beauty Marks! 

Image: Pixabay

One thing the movie "Black Swan" taught us, other than being competitive gives you the edge, is that true beauty may not be what we expect.  Honestly, wasn't Natalie Portman's black swan character the most ah-some.  It was when the black swan revealed her true identity that the movie reached its pinnacle. 

In reality, that is what nature has taught us.  That what makes YOU perfectly imperfect is your TRUE Beauty Mark.  I am not talking about your passion mole or birth mark, I am speaking…

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Music Platform's New Kid on the Block 

Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube . . . you have heard of these music/social media platforms and we love them, but there’s a new kid on the block and it’s called Klickjam. 

Don’t get it twisted, Klickjam is not a competitor of any current music profile platforms, just think of it as an additional tool to slide into your trusty music toolbelt. 

Priding itself in aiding musicians achieve further UNIVERSAL exposure, Klickjam is the world’s FIRST digital platform specifically designed to bring the ENTIRE…

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R.E.M. “No Rules” Music! 

Ah, how I love the Punk era in music and then the Alternative stamp that read “anyone can do this!” – That “No Rules Music” that we SO love! 

I was raised in the 1980s, and along with the Bermuda shorts, sugar-laden candy, "Wacky Fruit" gum, "Huffy" bikes, skating rinks, and water parks in the USA, there was those rocking bands in those two decades that just made the summers in the 1980s and 1990s so memorable.  And since it is the beginning of summer, I crank up my 80s and 90s tunes in my office every…

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The ASCAP EXPO 2017 is just around the corner on April 13-15th, so I thought I’d give my experience from the ASCAP EXPO I Create Music in 2015.

Again, it will be hosted from the Loews Hollywood Hotel.  Loews Hollywood Hotel is beautiful as well as HUGE so dress comfortably as you will be doing a lot of walking. 

I love the fact that ASCAP does this for artists as this caters to artists at any level in their career – from beginners to icons.  The food is AMAZING and the company of friends…

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The Road Less Traveled 

Just read an awesome post entitled “Independent Music: Breaking Barriers” by Rebecca Cullen  featured in the Stereo Stickman Jan 15, 2017 edition.  In the post, Cullen writes a line that reads “the smudge at the corner of the world’s canvas” verbally illustrating how independent artists and musicians all too often go unrecognized and underappreciated inside of this great big world of music because we choose to take the road less traveled and we choose to write, compose, perform, and even illustrate for…

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Music Creators 

There is a Method 2 the Madness of creating Music that is more in depth than quantum physics; yet our industry continues to simplify this Genius of creation by allowing mimics to take center stage - why is this?  Because if an artist has NO talent whatsoever, that allows those who are controlling that artist to make money hand over fist.  The industry is afraid of those who truly create because LEAGALLY they will have to PAY us for our creation.  And they think, “Why pay someone for creating something…

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