Music Creators

There is a Method 2 the Madness of creating Music that is more in depth than quantum physics; yet our industry continues to simplify this Genius of creation by allowing mimics to take center stage - why is this?  Because if an artist has NO talent whatsoever, that allows those who are controlling that artist to make money hand over fist.  The industry is afraid of those who truly create because LEAGALLY they will have to PAY us for our creation.  And they think, “Why pay someone for creating something that I can mimic.”  There are more politics and greedy hands digging in the pot now.    

The music industry used to be full of creators and those who aided the creative, and all got paid.  Until the 1980s came along and ushered in a new form of making music . . . the Pop Star.  Yes, in comes the Michael Jacksons, the Brittany Spears, etc.  Yes, when the Pop Star became the norm for this wonderful creative venue, all creators had to either help this star become larger than life and take a pay cut (since the labels want the fans to think that that pop star and about 10 other people contributed to writing that hit song that is playing on the radio) or take a back seat when it came to creating and getting paid for their creation.  For example, when Billy Joel, Hall and Oats, and Lionel Richie were writing songs, to name a few, their songs had meaning (a story line) and was meant to not just entertain but also to allow the listener to go along with them on their musical journey.  And, it was probably about 3 (if that many) writers on that song.  Also, no one had to be PERFECT in appearance – it was about the music!   

In addition, the radio stations were not all tied up with money greedy major labels in that they could play what the PUBLIC wanted to hear - so these writers could get their songs played in syndication thus enabling them to get a good pay from their PROS (Performing Rights Organizations).   

Today the music industry is totally different – first, you have to have a gimmick – never mind if you do not know how to sing or write a song, or play music, if you can twerk or amass an arsenal of photos on a free webpage BAM! you are a STAR – and who makes the money?  The major label executives, investors of ads and streaming services (who now play the songs), and staff writers in a record company (who act like robots and continue to recycle the same worn out songs on the radio) – forget the artist, the manager, and the producers.  Now with streaming and downloads, long gone are the times when an artist really got paid HONESTLY and FAIRLY for their craft.  Was purchasing songs on either a 45 or LP (vinyl) really that much of a burden?  

So, it is time for a change – raise a glass and toast the song writers, bands, singers, journalists, magazines, radio, and musicians in the Independent Music realm who are revolving music back to where it belongs.  Those of us who would be doing this even if our faces never made it to TV or Instagram – those of us who have to create or we would die - here's 2 keeping up the talent!  Tweet #StandForSongwriters and #IndieMusic, and keep watching for a CHANGE to happen in music. 

Besos, until next time...