The Road Less Traveled

Just read an awesome post entitled “Independent Music: Breaking Barriers” by Rebecca Cullen  featured in the Stereo Stickman Jan 15, 2017 edition.  In the post, Cullen writes a line that reads “the smudge at the corner of the world’s canvas” verbally illustrating how independent artists and musicians all too often go unrecognized and underappreciated inside of this great big world of music because we choose to take the road less traveled and we choose to write, compose, perform, and even illustrate for the sake of talent alone and not for the fame.  This is so true!


In agreement with Cullen, I once Tweeted that if every radio station stops playing music and all online social media pages stop running, we indie artists will still find a place, a hub if you will, to share our musical journeys - and we will still write in our cars; write on our scraps of papers; and/or write in our hidden rooms by flashlights; we will still compose that next masterful piece of music in the garages and in the musty studios, etc.  Because also in the great scheme of things, we may be that smudge in the corner of the canvas when compared to mainstream artists who are on display EVERYWHERE, but we are also the leaders in the industry because nothing musically will exist unless it is created and that is what Leaders DO!


Kudos to Cullen for reminding us of what real music creators perilously go through to create.


And remember, we are leaders not followers and like that smudge in the corner of the world’s canvas, when someone stares at it long enough, give it time & that smudge can gain more attention than the painting itself! 


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