TRUE Beauty Marks!

Image: Pixabay

One thing the movie "Black Swan" taught us, other than being competitive gives you the edge, is that true beauty may not be what we expect.  Honestly, wasn't Natalie Portman's black swan character the most ah-some.  It was when the black swan revealed her true identity that the movie reached its pinnacle. 

In reality, that is what nature has taught us.  That what makes YOU perfectly imperfect is your TRUE Beauty Mark.  I am not talking about your passion mole or birth mark, I am speaking about those laugh lines, bruises, varicose veins, stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tones, moles, freckles, or just not fitting into the mold set by society's standards.

TRUE beauty marks are anything that we may consider to be a bother when we are getting dressed to impress even the smallest of onlookers.

You know the scenario:  it is bathing suit season and now that you have shed all your winter layers, you are shopping for that cute little two-piece bikini in hopes to show it off at the beach.  Then suddenly while trying on a swim suit in the fitting room, the fluorescent light exposes the cellulite on your tush and the new varicose vein that popped up out of nowhere.  Immediately you think, “I have to go to Ulta to get some concealer because this is not going to work on the beach – these ugly sights have to go.”  That is the typical reasoning when it comes to viewing our natural bodies, and there is reason for this type of warped thinking.

In society with the invention of reality stars, picture filters, photo shop and cropping, rarely do we see TRUE beauty marks anymore.  Anything that is considered natural or legendary is seen as ugly, horrible, or un-pretty.  So of course, we have become conditioned to think negatively of our natural beauty and shamed when it reveals itself to the public.

Gladly, there are brands and social media platforms that are featuring TRUE beauty marks:

I mean, these individuals are featuring TRUE beauty marks.  And they are beginning to alter that negative thinking pattern.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a “beauty mark” is a “a small dark mark (such as a mole) on the skin especially of the face;” but let’s change that definition, let’s say that a Beauty Mark is the curvy ladies auditioning among straight size models, kinky hair being featured on a magazine next to straight hair, porcelain skin and tanned skin equally being admired for their beauty, and everything in between.

So, the next time you look in a mirror and think “oh, no,” instead think “oh, yes!”  Instead of applying concealer to your varicose veins, say they are your natural tattoos and display them with pride.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to decrease your cellulite or laugh lines, embrace them beauties.

And instead of covering up the uneven skin, show them up with vibrant color patterns within your wardrobe.

Show what some may call your inadequacies, things to cover up, or blemishes as your difference!

Those are your perfect imperfections!  Let your TRUE beauty marks shine.

Image: HD Wallpapers (Natalie Portman)