Ghostly Beard “It’s A Hurt” (R&B/Rock) Montreal, Canada

It’s A Hurt” is a song recorded by Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, Ghostly Beard which was released on September 4th.  Ghostly Beard is always one to push the limits within Indie Music by never settling for the norm and always meandering where others do not have the mind to go.  His fans love this fact about him, and this keeps us always coming back for more.

With “It’s A Hurt,” Ghostly Beard pulls a different card from his creative vest, and gifts us with an R&B/Rock song that’s kind of Funk-infused with a storyline about the constant conundrum of love’s complexities. 

The lyrics illustrate how love can truly hurt to the core – cutting like a knife into the deepest parts, and how sometimes we keep going right back to the hurt.  Ghostly Beard sings:  It was just another lonely day / When I first met you girl . . . I kept thinking about you / But this time I was wrong / And you showed me who you are / With all that you've done to me / I can't stop my love, you see / My life seems so foolish, girl / When I feel this way / You give me a heart attack / Oh my, it's a hurt! / My love like a razor blade / Oh my, it's a hurt! 

Containing a mid-tempo and following the form of traditional Soft-Rock and American R&B, this is a very visual song that features mellow guitar arrangements at its core, quiet synths, attentive keys, and a calm vocal.  In addition, the relaxed ebbing percussions allow for this song to musically flow like a musical heart-rate monitor – with timing that deliberately pulsates in the valleys of instrumentation.  The song reaches its summit at the 3 minutes / 33 seconds mark, when Ghostly Beard lays on a guitar solo that ignites a flame.  

Furthermore, the song is textured by Ghostly Beard utilizing a soft/hard approach to his vocals, where he softly sings on his leads, and includes some raspy vocal highlights on the hook.  The light backing vocals adds layers of emotion, while the clapping and broken glass sound effects are spot-on.   

“It’s A Hurt” basically builds a wonderfully smooth bridge between two powerful genres and allows music listeners today to hear what REAL music is supposed to sound like. 

Download your copy today, and make sure to view the animated video by Tracy Arbon.

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