Jack Francis Song Review 

"Wild Eyes"

Something happens to the heart and soul when you put on a clip and the arrangement just makes sense.  Honestly, not since the music of Bob Seger has that realistic, soulful, approach been given to music.  Yet, I had the honor to play a song like this over and over again when Soul/Folk singer/songwriter, Jack Francis, was introduced to me.  His latest track “Wild Eyes” just gives off that spark that is so missed in the world of music today – that spark that just ignites memories, dreams, and…

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Fuzzy Jones Song Review 

"She Is Matador"

I want to introduce my readers to a songwriter with something to say – she’s Fuzzy Jones – hear her roar, or shall I say, see her slam things into being.  This awesome Indie singer, songwriter, musician, producer is leveling out the playing field by standing in her truth and giving society a wakeup call.  With her latest Alternative Pop track, “She Is Matador,” a creative call to action is easily becoming a summer anthem.  With strong, unapologetic, lyrics and a willful vocal execution…

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Norphlet Album Review 

The Garden

After being stuck in the house from COVID-19 all last year, void of live music arenas, being one on one with music and artists, one longs to get back out to explore new music.  But there are only some types of music that makes you pull out the credit card and swipe to breathe air back into your lungs.  Norphlet’s The Garden is that type of music.     

The Garden features eleven tracks:  

  1. The Garden Gate 
  2. The Ox Months 
  3. Stillbloom 
  4. Fingers Crossed 
  5. Meadow of My Mind 
  6. Overgrown 
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Lena Anderssen Song Review 

"The Airport"

Life, in general, is full of surprises – highs, lows, delays, and early arrivals – much like an airport.  A song that illustrates this statement spot-on is the latest release from singer/songwriter/musician Lena Anderssen called “Airport.” 

“Airport” lyrically tells the story of departing but not saying “bye” which alludes to reigniting short-love to create full-love.  The lyrics sing: 

Gone is that summer 

That one July 

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky 

And you walked beside me 

The moon and…

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Cassie Pearl Song Review 


Forget a message in a bottle, try a message written on a note and taped to a mirror.  “Party” is a song that delivers in just that way.  Written by Boston USA native Cassie Pearl, this track is very reflective.  Pearl was inspired to write this track to embrace the reality of social anxiety – a disorder that many within society must contend with daily.  The honest lyrics are heightened by Pearl’s vocal attitude and conviction which she delivers with flair through an unapologetic lens.  The fusion of…

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EP Review 

Wally Hite Rankin & Snake River Canyon

Wally Hite Rankin & Snake River Canyon is the latest release from Wally Hite Rankin, an Indie singer/songwriter based in New Zealand.  Produced and released March of this year by Prototype Musique, Wally Hite Rankin & Snake River Canyon contains nine Indie Rock songs that grounds its listeners onto the bank of reality: 

  1. Snake River Canyon 
  2. Ordinary Life 
  3. Hazy Days 
  4. Oh Virginia 
  5. Picking Up the Change 
  6. New Regret 
  7. Chasing Satellites 
  8. Waterlines 
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Andrea Clute Song Review 

"Red Light"

Andrea Clute’s “Red Light” is proof to NEVER underestimate a slow jam.  Her latest release offers a sort of Dark Wave meets R&B bottom which creates a great musical spine.  Clute’s vocals bring the audience a mix of high tones spliced with what I call floetry (a dramatic rap featuring wonderful melodies).  Being appealing, approachable, and full of modern tones, “Red Light” musically resembles a love letter kissed by lips laced with sugar and salt.  The way that Clute wrote and executed this…

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Sophia Bella Cucci Song Review 


Indie Music’s Folk/Pop princess is back with a new release called “Lemons” and it contains every element needed to be a lasting favorite – belting vocals, transient soundscapes, real-world storylines, and instrumentation that personifies finesse. 

“Lemons” describes those dual components of any relationship, where it can be bitter and sweet.  The lyrics sing: 

Eating alone 

At least that's how it feels through the phone 

Wasting time 

Sifting through the fairytale in mind 

Silence bound 


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EP Review - Peter Kleinhans' 

I Was Alive Enough

The times we live in are so obscure that having a focal point to direct thoughts and dreams are in demand – music continues to be that visual aid of hope for the masses.  Of course, there is so much digital music in the market today that one may get lost in the shuffle trying to find collections with meaning, but there are some that come down the pipeline to music journalist that just sits RIGHT.  Which brings me to the album featured in this review – I Was Alive Enough

I Was Alive

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Artist Interview - Jack Rose 


The music industry is full fascinating artists, not to mention artists within subgenres of music.  So, what makes an artist relevant and worth listening to today must be in their journey into the music, as well as their individuality in their artistry.  I’ve come across such an artist who has surgically cut his way out of the crowd and has made himself a standout artist.  His name is Jack Rose!!  Klef Notes had the opportunity to talk with Jack Rose.  Just released February of this year, his…

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