Jessica Lynn's “You Save Me” (song review) 

You Save Me” is a beautiful ballad written by Jessica Lynn and sang by Lynn and Liam Wakefield.  In this song, “music” is the hero.  Coming out of the heart of Lynn, she used descriptive words to support the song’s storyline of how music has a positive impact on mental health, thus healing whatever is wounded, sorrowed, negated, or misunderstood.  The lyrics sing:  

When I’m breaking 

Your lyrics and melody save me 

All I can do is just sing along 

And you lift me 

Out of the depths 

When I’m sinking 


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SJ Mortimer's "Hear Me Lover" (song review) 

It’s been a long time since I have heard an artist really use their vocals to define a moment and clearly get the emotional aspect of the song’s message across to their listeners – finally, I heard it with SJ Mortimer. 

SJ Mortimer is a singer songwriter from the UK.  SJ usually fronts the Country-Rock band entitled Morganway, but how delighted we are to be hearing a single from this exceptional vocalist.  Her single is called “Hear Me Lover” a song that illustrates that snippet in time when chance meets…

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REPOST - Trinity Bliss' "California Bliss" 

"California Sun" is a song by American singer-songwriter, musician, actress Trinity Bliss that features an amazing guitar melody that musically threads the entire piece as well as a refreshing vocal - a vocal that is addicting. 

The lyrics are a reminder to harness childhood humility, innocence, and confidence and use it way into adulthood when things become serious. 

As music journalists, we come across many young artists who share their talents between music, acting, modeling, and even sports, but very…

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Lola Huckel's "Out of Touch" (song review) 

A great song can say what needs to be said without apology.  A skilled songwriter can break a heart, heal a sorrowed soul, or even celebrate a victory all with a great lyric.  In the current industry, there are few songwriters penning songs that are memorable and moving.  That is why I was delighted to place my ear on Lola Huckel - a singer-songwriter from the UK, whose lyrical compositions are filled with infectious Pop instrumentation and clear storylines. 

Her latest release, "Out of Touch" does not…

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Krissy Matthews - Song Review "Carry You" 

“Carry You” is a Rock song by singer, songwriter, musician, Krissy Matthews, and it is 4 minutes of amazing music – in short, this is not your typical everyday lament.  A single off of his album Pizza Man Blues, the song begins mellow and then builds into a roar.  The storyline speaks about being that “other” for someone you care about when they are in need – the lyrics sing:

There's a sickness that hides and it lurks deep inside, behind shadows that secretly stir. But outside, you are still smiling,

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Yana - Song Review "Funeral of Life" 

Are you ever deep in thought after something happens in your life where you think “but, this was perfectly planned, what just happened?” Or “now what?” Many find themselves in that frame of thought, and it’s hard to bend and not brake when life throws the unexpected your way.  Yes, in life, things happen – there is a cause and an effect - there is change.      

Czech Republic singer/songwriter, Yana, clearly puts the above words into deeper perspective with a song called “Funeral of Life” the lyrics sing:  

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Jamie Kudo - Single Review - "Supernova" 

Mumbai, India-born, London, UK-based singer/songwriter Jamie Kudo’s latest release explores the topic of love being like a supernova.  Filled with layers upon layers of awesome synths and very descriptive lyrics, this Pop song is very transportive and emotive.  

With a literal supernova being the “explosion of a star” (NASA) which is brilliantly bright and strong, Jamie Kudo creatively chose to show how love is much like a supernova in his song "Supernova."  To illustrate this concept, "Supernova" starts…

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Picky Hippers - Album Review - "Full Flavour Behaviour" 

Life is an expected journey full of unexpected circumstances.  There is sadness and pleasure; confusion and enlightenment; ambivalence and clarity; aggressiveness and happiness.  Being able to navigate through life’s tides of change is made a little easier with good friends, love, good times, and acceptance – acceptance of each other and ourselves.  Having music along the way often lightens the load and gives more understanding to whatever is present, and it is great to have a collection of music that is…

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Yana - Song Review "Calm Before the Storm" 

Yana is an artist who atmospheric melodies and realistic songwriting are known to mentally transport its listeners and call them back to listen again, and again, and again.  Her recent release is “Calm Before the Storm” – the second single off her forthcoming debut album Journey of the Soul.  

“Calm Before the Storm” is a track that will mellow out the hectic affairs of life with its Irish Folk music appeal.  Featuring guitars, a bodhrán (Shane Ó Fearghail) a violin (Claudia Heidegger) and Yana’s serene…

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Noble1BOF - Song Review "No Games" (feat. Carla) 

Just in time for your Summer 22 music list, comes a blended Hip Hop track that gives Hip Hop connoisseurs that hard core flex that they live for but also delivers wonderful songwriting that is descriptive and reflective, it’s called “No Games” by Nobel1BOF featuring Carla.  

The first single off of his EP entitled Benefits of Freedom is addictive with its wonderful production technique of fusing different genres to form a surgically solid track that moves you.  Fused with some Drill, Grime, and old school…

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