Lutfia Song Review 


Prism” is a song by London singer/songwriter Lutfia.  This light, upbeat, Pop groove is sure to make it to your summer playlist with its solid bass core and infectious bounce. 

Featuring an undercurrent of classic 80’s Pop Rock, “Prism” has a synth core melody that keeps the listener engaged to the track while Lutfia’s lyrics reinforce the storyline of being transparent in love -- meaning, seeing things CLEAR enough to know when to call a mistake, a mistake.  The lyrics sing: 

I guess I don’t care…

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AVA Song Review 

"Wild Flowers"


Wild Flowers” is a song written and recorded by Irish Contemporary singer/songwriter AVA.  Released today, “Wild Flowers” is a musical narrative about time. 

The song opens with subtle Gaelic instrumentation blended with modern synth, harps, piano, and percussion.   Still, the track is so textured with enchanting melodies and polished production that it needs no extra FX.  A nice controlled tempo keeps the song infectious.  The vocal bridge is so connective!! 

AVA possesses a voice that…

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Rivita Song Review 

“Lonely with Someone”

Lonely with Someone” is an Electronic-Pop, Rock infused, song by India-born, LA-based, singer, songwriter, producer, Rivita.  It is her latest release, and one word describes it, “superb.”  This sweeping ballad pulls on every endearing heart string emotionally telling the story of being alone while being in a relationship. 

It’s a reflective song, and Rivita’s soprano vocals fully brings the emotion of the track up front and personal.  Her trills and pauses allow for contemplation…

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Sophia Bella Cucci Song Review 


Coming into March like a lioness, Sophia Bella Cucci is once again awakening the music scene with music that has meaning and melody.  Her latest track, “Mother,” covers the topic of how our globe has given us everything and how humans rarely give back – often taking our planet’s kindness for weakness.  And with one of Cucci’s facets of artistry being that she makes sure her music makes an impact, what better way to fully broaden the scope of your song’s message regarding Mother Earth than to release…

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Sunflower Thieves Song Review 

Don’t Mind the Weather

"Don’t Mind the Weather" is the new single released from the Sunflower Thieves’ latest album, Come Play with Me.  The single, released 26th of February 2021, plays like a heart-written prescription to feel safe through genuine, organic, love.  

In typical Sunflower Thieves’ fashion, the song is built around earth imagery to illustrate a powerful theme.  In the case of “Don’t Mind the Weather,” the theme of the song talks about feeling safe no matter the weather – with the weather…

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Into The Ark Song Review 


“Olivia” is the latest single from Welsh duo Into The Ark.  “Olivia” is taken from the duo’s In The Stormiest Weather set to release June of this year.  Stripped of all of the bells and whistles normally placed into the production of millennial ballads, “Olivia” breathes fresh air into the ballad genre by incorporating acoustic guitars 

This harmony-heavy ballad also features a modulating choral melody that progressively combines the sound of Modern-Folk music with Pop.  The strong acoustic…

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Paulina Vo Song Review 


There are many singer/songwriters out there today in 2021 who have mastered the art of visualization when it comes to songwriting.  In fact, the Indie Music world is packed to the gills with creative visionaries.  So what sets Paulina Vo apart from her competitors?  Perhaps, it’s phrases like, “Sweetie, you’re holding down my love around the city,” which instantly places the listener inside of the concrete jungle exploring that inner-city hustle and romance.  Or, maybe it’s that unapologetic way…

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Kat Saul Interview 

The Wild Kat of Alt. Pop shows how Creativity is best Unchained

When asked about her sophomore EP Made in the 90s (released 11/10th) Kat Saul simply writes “it’s me reflecting on who I am and what I’ve been through as I transition into adult life so that I can process how the past has made me who I am...because that’s what art is right?”  Classically, this Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based Pop singer/songwriter has art down to a science as she creates music that is aesthetically practical resonating with…

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Paul K EP Review  


Instrumental albums were all the rave in the mid-1950’s and also during the age of Disco.  Soon, being surpassed by tracks that include both music and vocal, Instrumental albums were shelved and rarely heard on radio.  Occasionally today, one gets the chance to hear a dynamic collection of instrumental music, but when that happens, it should REALLY connect with the human touch, emotion, and mind on all levels.  That is what Paul K’s Anandamide does for its listeners. 

Written and recorded during…

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a Klef Notes' EXCLUSIVE - Sophia Bella Cucci's Song Review 

"From the Garden"

It has been said that George Harrison of The Beatles said that Led Zeppelin never write ballads.  The band’s answer to George Harrison was the infectious 1973 hit “Rain Song – a twist from the band’s normal catalog favorites.  In the same manner, “From the Garden” by Sophia Bella Cucci is a twist in the opposite direction from her recent crowd-jumping single “Riot.”  

“From the Garden” was written during quarantine by Cucci, produced by Graham Gilmore, and mastered Kim Rosen (Knack…

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