Artist Interview - Charley Young 



Music videos that tell the story of how POWER is positive and how it should be infectious tops the list of the best inspirational pieces.  So, I was honored to get the opportunity to chat with an artist who is creating content like this.  Charley Young has released an official video to complement her single “Your Fire” and it is starting a dialog as it is made entirely by women while it shines the spotlight on women.  And what makes this artist so…

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Artist Interview - Lauren Monroe 

Lauren Monroe on the Necessity of BIG LOVE and Global Healing 

– An in-depth INTERVIEW with an Altruistic ROCK Star

We’re in 2020 right now, and from a bird’s eye view, it is evident that things are not the way nature intended them to be.  The answers to all of our questions and solutions are right in front of us, underneath our feet, and above us – all we need to do is slow up, focus, and connect humanely to start the healing process.  Music is one tool that gets the ball rolling in the direction to heal…

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Yana "Distant Shore" EP Review 

Yana’s Back!  Yes, one of my favorite Indie Classic Folk singer/songwriters from the Czech Republic has released a new EP for the summer entitled Distant Shore.  Containing four tracks, as usual, each song has meaning! 

The title track feature quiet instrumentation and passionate vocals that hauntingly invites the listener to think about social disturbances while supplying serene imagery.  The song’s lyrics sing about escaping to a place of tranquility to assess the world we live in while pondering on our…

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Liam Sullivan "When This is Over" (Single Review) 

When This is Over” is a song written by singer/songwriter/musician Liam Sullivan from Leeds, England written while in lock down during COVID-19.  The track is a melodic prelude to times after the pandemic where society can all regroup, recharge, and live life boundless and free of four corners.  The lyrics sing:  maybe someday when this is over / we can sit out in the sun / maybe someday when this is over / we will embrace everyone / maybe someday when this is all over / we will share a beer / maybe

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James Bakian "Kiss Tonight" (single) 

Kiss Tonight” is a song that easily sits nicely on the bridge between Soul and Pop/R&B.  Written, performed, and composed by British Pop Soul artist James Bakian, his latest single features a bass-driven core melody blended with a New Jack Swing kick, and contemporary Vox FX.  The lyrical dialog is about moments in time waiting that are met with anticipation for love – Bakian sings:  I’ve been waiting for this / endless searching for it / everything I wanted / I need someone who I’ll miss tonight / I need…

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Norphlet "Cardinals (When You’re Gone)” 

If I were to describe the latest track from Alternative Rock duo Norphlet in a few words, I would describe it as musically resembling that point in time when someone blows someone a kiss, and even though that kiss is invisible, it somehow echoes and affects the receiving person.   This is “Cardinals (When You’re Gone).”  Out of the gate, the music just drives its way into your soul man – this song just moves – it bends and never breaks!  It’s alive with honesty and personality.  And once more, Norphlet…

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Sunflower Thieves "Hide and Seek" 

If vocals could sketch lighted images, it would be Sunflower Thieves – spot-on harmonies, unisons, and range!  And the latest single from Leeds-based Pop Folk band, entitled “Hide and Seek,” is the best representation of that statement.  Released on June 3rd (3 June) “Hide and Seek” has a storyline that covers the theme of reciprocation between two individuals where the two know each other’s wants, needs, and restrictions.  The overlapping leads and hooks at the two minutes mark mirrors that nursery rhyme…

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An Anthem for the caged! Sophia Bella’s “RIOT” 

When you are stopped in your tracks physically or mentally and forced to just settle, it may cause an internal war as so many emotions and thoughts become caged with no outlet. This is what many within society have had to wrestle with in the past months due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.  With music being the far-reaching medicine for the masses, New York-based singer, songwriter, dancer Sophia Bella has teamed up with Graham Gilmore to create an expressive song that shows you are not alone!   


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Demons of Ruby Mae “This is Your Time” 

With today’s music being brought to the listening audience by way of virtual means, it takes talent and pure creativity to get a reaction from the audience.  One such song that is capable of doing just that is “This is Your Time” by Manchester duo Demons of Ruby Mae. 

“This is Your Time” is an outstanding track that changes thoughts into actions!  The lead sings:  take off all your armor and let your love be true cause this is your time, cause this is your time, to be who you were meant to be

This is the…

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Becky Bowe “Getting Older” 

The new release I am introducing to you today is brought to you from an artist who is not one to backdown from mixing together solid melodies, convincing vocals, and intrinsic instrumentation like a physicist in a lab.  The byproduct of such a complex mix is “Getting Older” – a mid-tempo R&B/Pop song with elements of Soul showcased in a rich backbeat and bass-heavy bottom.  Becky Bowe is the artist behind the creation of “Getting Older.”  This ballad lyrically questions and answers the reason behind the…

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