REVIEW: Enrique Iglesias FINAL Vol. 2 

FINAL, Vol. 2 was released on March 29th.  I wanted to give my readers six weeks to settle into the Spring / Summer 24 music scene before I published my review of Enrique Iglesias’ highly anticipated, LAST, studio album.  

FINAL, Vol. 2 houses 10 tracks:

  1. "Asi Es La Vida" (with María Becerra)
  2. "Fría" (with Yotuel)
  3. "Space in My Heart" (with Miranda Lambert)
  4. "La Botella" (featuring El Alfa)
  5. "Love and Pain"
  6. "Me Voy Acostumbrando"
  7. "Como Yo"
  8. "Llórame Un Río" (featuring Belinda)
  9. "Be Together"
  10. "Espacio en…
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Enrique Iglesias & Miranda Lambert - "Space In My Heart" 


Country Music is having its movement in 2024.  True, Country music has never faded away, but Pop music and Hip-Hop has been dominating the airwaves.  And while I have been tired of some of the songs that major labels force feed the masses, I have been a fan of Latin Pop Music for years.  

Enrique Iglesias’ latest single is called “Space In My Heart” - a duet with Miranda Lambert one of Country music’s best.

Two music worlds come together on this track, Latin Pop, and Country, and both artists bring their “A”…

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The song “Reason” is a single off of J Vessel’s upcoming EP entitled XO.  The song begins with a subtly provoking piano that modulates into the verse as it is joined by a teasing hi-hat.  Filled with Afro percussions, the beats on this track are alive and vibrant – giving the song its core to which J Vessel’s silky R&B vocals tell the story of finding your “WHY” in life – your purpose, and not settling at zero but leveling yourself up to 100. The storyline to this track is so much deeper in its message than…

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Album Review: "Ten Steps" by Max ZT and Dan Whitehouse 

In today’s world of music, it is hard to find music that truly allows the listener to use their five senses to simply exist in the now - their sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.  Some mainstream, and now some Indie, music have taken on the storylines of social trends, short attention span melodies, over done collaborations, stale riffs, and emotionless vocals. Ten Steps by Max ZT and Dan Whitehouse is so well composed that the listener is immersed into the music; they are able to metaphorically digest…

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Album Review: Jambrains' LAND OF THE WEARY 

When have you put on an album in today’s world of music, in 2023, and you were speechless? Completely moved or totally frozen by emotions in your mind that were asleep?  For me, it’s been a minute.  In comes Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jambrains with his latest album Land of Weary.  This album is alive with poignant stories that go in the ears, on to the soul, and end up in the mind.

Land of the Weary contains eight songs:

  1. Land of the Weary
  2. Walk Away
  3. A Brand New Stage
  4. Lift the Weight
  5. Turn of…
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Yana - Song Review "The Traveller" 

It all starts with a piano ….

The “The Traveller” is a song by Czech Republic singer/songwriter Yana.  Featuring Maurice Culligan (from the Irish band Interference), “The Traveller” (‘s) storyline is an homage to Fergus O'Farrell, the late front man of Interference. The lyrics are about how one continues to live on through the music, the stories, the love, the friendships, and the experiences of one’s life.  Rarely does a song feature only a piano, or a sole instrument, to accompany lyrics.  But when it is…

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The Wag - Blue Bottles and Copper Coins (Album Review) 

It is award season for music.  When I attend a music award show in person, or from my couch, what I love seeing the most are the bands that have longevity - those bands that have been bent by history’s roller coaster called living but who are not easily broken.  Honestly, these bands are few and far between.  In 2019, I introduced my readers to a Pop Rock band from New Jersey USA who follows the mantra of music being about the BAND and the talent.  The Wag is their name - the players are: Brian Ostering –…

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Jessica Lynn's “You Save Me” (song review) 

You Save Me” is a beautiful ballad written by Jessica Lynn and sang by Lynn and Liam Wakefield.  In this song, “music” is the hero.  Coming out of the heart of Lynn, she used descriptive words to support the song’s storyline of how music has a positive impact on mental health, thus healing whatever is wounded, sorrowed, negated, or misunderstood.  The lyrics sing:  

When I’m breaking 

Your lyrics and melody save me 

All I can do is just sing along 

And you lift me 

Out of the depths 

When I’m sinking 


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SJ Mortimer's "Hear Me Lover" (song review) 

It’s been a long time since I have heard an artist really use their vocals to define a moment and clearly get the emotional aspect of the song’s message across to their listeners – finally, I heard it with SJ Mortimer. 

SJ Mortimer is a singer songwriter from the UK.  SJ usually fronts the Country-Rock band entitled Morganway, but how delighted we are to be hearing a single from this exceptional vocalist.  Her single is called “Hear Me Lover” a song that illustrates that snippet in time when chance meets…

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REPOST - Trinity Bliss' "California Bliss" 

"California Sun" is a song by American singer-songwriter, musician, actress Trinity Bliss that features an amazing guitar melody that musically threads the entire piece as well as a refreshing vocal - a vocal that is addicting. 

The lyrics are a reminder to harness childhood humility, innocence, and confidence and use it way into adulthood when things become serious. 

As music journalists, we come across many young artists who share their talents between music, acting, modeling, and even sports, but very…

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