Artist Interview - River Hooks 

River Hooks 11:11 – The Message is in the MUSIC!

A music executive contributes so much to the musical journey of an artist, so it is spectacular when they decide to release their own collection of music or continue their own music journey.  Indie Pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer, River Hooks, is no stranger to the Independent music world, and with the release of her latest collection of music entitled 11:11, she is already making WAVES

In a few weeks since dropping…

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Ivory Tower Project Song Review 

My Name

We have missed great songwriting and instrumentation for soundtracks in movies or games in the Millennium – this was not the case years ago.  Fortunately, a Rock duo hailing from New York USA had done just so in 2020 with the release of their debut album/CD Red Hot – they are Ivory Tower Project (ITP).  Their song “My Name” from off of Red Hot has wowed many heads with its Rock infused SynthPop music, so much so, that it has secured a sync-license deal with DreamWorks Animation and NBC Universal…

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Ghostly Beard Song Review 

Back on Tracks

If you are in search of a new groove for the Fall, look no further, just lay your ears on this Funky, rhythmic new track by Ghostly Beard called “Back on Tracks.”  Fans of the Beard already know that when Ghostly Beard delivers a new track, they are in for a great ride – one filled with thrills, emotion, and reflection.  This time around, Ghostly Beard twists the script some and unveils a groovy, somewhat Funk Soul track with elements of Jazz.  

As per usual, Ghostly Beard’s smooth vocals…

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Lutfia Song Review 

Last Night

It’s always a great experience when I hear music that can resonate with multicultural audiences by being practical, honest, and REAL!  Music like that are arena-favorites.  So when I laid my ears on Lutfia’s first single “Last Night,” I could not wait to give it many re-listens and share it. 

Lutfia is a UK-born French singer songwriter who is steeped in the performing arts and is now ready to get brewing, and “Last Night” illustrates this point.  

“Last Night” is an Alternative Bluesy track…

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Becky Bowe EP Review 

Cosmic Heart

There are some singers who begin to sing, and their audience sees nothing but black and white boredom as if they have just been transported to a clip out of Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth – GRAY!  But then there are singers who make their audience see every color of the rainbow with-just-one-note!  That is what Becky Bowe does for her audience … 

Cosmic Heart is Bowe’s latest EP and it contains five alluring tracks that are spellbinding: 

  1. Don’t Darken My Door 
  2. Getting Older 
  3. I Know…

Song Review - EMZAE (Pop) 

If there was a music dictionary, and you could look up the word UNAPOLOGETIC, this song would be the link next to the definition. 

Fresh off the cuff and mind of rising Pop artist, producer, Emzae, we have this fresh cut entitled “THRIVE.”  In just two minutes, this anthemic song with a bounce will tattoo itself to your core.  Emzae sings: It makes no sense to me / hating on yourself / just because you're different to somebody else / you have all you need, so don't cry, take the lead / cause this is what it

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Artist Interview - Charley Young 



Music videos that tell the story of how POWER is positive and how it should be infectious tops the list of the best inspirational pieces.  So, I was honored to get the opportunity to chat with an artist who is creating content like this.  Charley Young has released an official video to complement her single “Your Fire” and it is starting a dialog as it is made entirely by women while it shines the spotlight on women.  And what makes this artist so…

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Artist Interview - Lauren Monroe 

Lauren Monroe on the Necessity of BIG LOVE and Global Healing 

– An in-depth INTERVIEW with an Altruistic ROCK Star

We’re in 2020 right now, and from a bird’s eye view, it is evident that things are not the way nature intended them to be.  The answers to all of our questions and solutions are right in front of us, underneath our feet, and above us – all we need to do is slow up, focus, and connect humanely to start the healing process.  Music is one tool that gets the ball rolling in the direction to heal…

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Yana "Distant Shore" EP Review 

Yana’s Back!  Yes, one of my favorite Indie Classic Folk singer/songwriters from the Czech Republic has released a new EP for the summer entitled Distant Shore.  Containing four tracks, as usual, each song has meaning! 

The title track feature quiet instrumentation and passionate vocals that hauntingly invites the listener to think about social disturbances while supplying serene imagery.  The song’s lyrics sing about escaping to a place of tranquility to assess the world we live in while pondering on our…

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Liam Sullivan "When This is Over" (Single Review) 

When This is Over” is a song written by singer/songwriter/musician Liam Sullivan from Leeds, England written while in lock down during COVID-19.  The track is a melodic prelude to times after the pandemic where society can all regroup, recharge, and live life boundless and free of four corners.  The lyrics sing:  maybe someday when this is over / we can sit out in the sun / maybe someday when this is over / we will embrace everyone / maybe someday when this is all over / we will share a beer / maybe

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