a Klef Notes' EXCLUSIVE - Sophia Bella Cucci's Song Review 

"From the Garden"

It has been said that George Harrison of The Beatles said that Led Zeppelin never write ballads.  The band’s answer to George Harrison was the infectious 1973 hit “Rain Song – a twist from the band’s normal catalog favorites.  In the same manner, “From the Garden” by Sophia Bella Cucci is a twist in the opposite direction from her recent crowd-jumping single “Riot.”  

“From the Garden” was written during quarantine by Cucci, produced by Graham Gilmore, and mastered Kim Rosen (Knack…

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Jayna Jennings' Song Review 

You, Me, + a Ghost

You, Me, + a Ghost” is a song written by American singer-songwriter Jayna Jennings*.  Written as an acceptance of past regrets and sins, the single begins with serene synths that sneak in similar to how past thoughts creep back into the mind.  The song opens with Jennings singing: 

Will it resurrect every time we fight? 

Memories suppressed with all my might call out to me in the dead of night. 

Will it haunt me till I die? 

Nobody comes easy, we’ve all got a load to bear 

but when you…

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GJART Song Review (feat. Deggsy) 


I like to say that self-expression is the voice of the heart, and superbly, GJART has assembled a fine collective of instrumentation that suggests this as fact with his latest Synth-Pop track called “Symphony.”  Once again, GJART highlights the synth music from the 1980s while surgically evolving its rhythms and tempos to bring them into the millennium.  “Symphony” features Deggsy, a Liverpool born, Kent resident, musician and producer whose collaborations takes the music to the next level…

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Janie May EP Review 

Balance Me

Balance Me is the latest EP to drop from the mind and hands of Brooklyn-based Soul-infused Pop singer/songwriter Janie May.  Though a capsule of an EP, this collection of music packs a hefty punch with songs that cover the universally-felt theme of change. 

The opening title track starts with new age synths and a mean bass threading throughout and has a niiiice command to its beat sitting right in the middle of funky and mellow.  May’s vocals pleasantly harness an attitude that is not brash but…

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Artist Interview - River Hooks 

River Hooks 11:11 – The Message is in the MUSIC!

A music executive contributes so much to the musical journey of an artist, so it is spectacular when they decide to release their own collection of music or continue their own music journey.  Indie Pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer, River Hooks, is no stranger to the Independent music world, and with the release of her latest collection of music entitled 11:11, she is already making WAVES

In a few weeks since dropping…

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Ivory Tower Project Song Review 

My Name

We have missed great songwriting and instrumentation for soundtracks in movies or games in the Millennium – this was not the case years ago.  Fortunately, a Rock duo hailing from New York USA had done just so in 2020 with the release of their debut album/CD Red Hot – they are Ivory Tower Project (ITP).  Their song “My Name” from off of Red Hot has wowed many heads with its Rock infused SynthPop music, so much so, that it has secured a sync-license deal with DreamWorks Animation and NBC Universal…

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Ghostly Beard Song Review 

Back on Tracks

If you are in search of a new groove for the Fall, look no further, just lay your ears on this Funky, rhythmic new track by Ghostly Beard called “Back on Tracks.”  Fans of the Beard already know that when Ghostly Beard delivers a new track, they are in for a great ride – one filled with thrills, emotion, and reflection.  This time around, Ghostly Beard twists the script some and unveils a groovy, somewhat Funk Soul track with elements of Jazz.  

As per usual, Ghostly Beard’s smooth vocals…

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Lutfia Song Review 

Last Night

It’s always a great experience when I hear music that can resonate with multicultural audiences by being practical, honest, and REAL!  Music like that are arena-favorites.  So when I laid my ears on Lutfia’s first single “Last Night,” I could not wait to give it many re-listens and share it. 

Lutfia is a UK-born French singer songwriter who is steeped in the performing arts and is now ready to get brewing, and “Last Night” illustrates this point.  

“Last Night” is an Alternative Bluesy track…

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Becky Bowe EP Review 

Cosmic Heart

There are some singers who begin to sing, and their audience sees nothing but black and white boredom as if they have just been transported to a clip out of Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth – GRAY!  But then there are singers who make their audience see every color of the rainbow with-just-one-note!  That is what Becky Bowe does for her audience … 

Cosmic Heart is Bowe’s latest EP and it contains five alluring tracks that are spellbinding: 

  1. Don’t Darken My Door 
  2. Getting Older 
  3. I Know…

Song Review - EMZAE (Pop) 

If there was a music dictionary, and you could look up the word UNAPOLOGETIC, this song would be the link next to the definition. 

Fresh off the cuff and mind of rising Pop artist, producer, Emzae, we have this fresh cut entitled “THRIVE.”  In just two minutes, this anthemic song with a bounce will tattoo itself to your core.  Emzae sings: It makes no sense to me / hating on yourself / just because you're different to somebody else / you have all you need, so don't cry, take the lead / cause this is what it

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