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Have you just hit the ground running with a new business or music career but find it difficult to project your image to your target audience or fans?  

Would a professionally, creative, press release, blog post, landing page, advertisement, or music review do the job?  Klef Notes can help!

Klef Notes is an entertainment business blog that places the spotlight on Independent artists/bands, small businesses, brands, fashion houses, online magazines, startups, and entertainment firms.  

For ENTERTAINMENT - have your talents showcased by way of a music review, song review, press release, or other service (full list of services).    

For BUSINESS  - tell YOUR story; sell YOUR product; promote YOUR service with Klef Notes' drafting, editing, and/or proofing press releases, copy, research, and blog writing to name a few (full list of services). 

That's where KiKi Skinner comes in.

The Woman behind the blog

Lakisha "KiKi" Skinner is a freelance writer, music journalist, and influencer who graduated from Towson University with a degree in English Writing.  She places the CREATE back into creativity by making an entertainer's, or a business', content informative, interesting, and engaging. 

Her specialty is in: 

•    Blogging 
•    Research  
•    Music Features 
•    Press releases 
•    Editing 
•    Rewrites 
•    Proofreading 
•    Copywriting 
•    Writing for Print and Digital Media 


Her music background comes from spending years working in the music industry as a songwriter, performing artist, and publicist, so she has firsthand knowledge of the emerging artist and what it takes to achieve success, stay relevant, and maintain that STAR prowess.  KiKi Skinner has aided artists in gaining international recognition by her music reviews.  

In addition, she knows what a startup or small business needs to grow and create an online presence, and that is a voice.  But not just any voice, one that can influence and inform while keeping that human condition component in the forefront.  When you do not know what to say, or how to say it - she can say it!  And, that's what sets KiKi Skinner apart from other business bloggers.

Regardless of the project KiKi Skinner is working on, she strives to tell THE story, and she accomplishes this by placing honesty, empathy, and sympathy right up top with tenacity, image, sales, and ambition when it comes to establishing a business within its market, or an artist/band in front of their audience.  KiKi Skinner makes it public knowledge through writing, and gives it longevity through creative, original, and effective writing skills.  

That’s why she's chosen to specialize in entertainment and business writing, because for years, she was their target audience, and this qualifies her to provide content for your fans, clients, and readers. 

You can see works by KiKi Skinner on popular websites like:  Music TalksJimmy Star’s World, Women Crush Music, as well as Artistic Echoes, and she has even been the writer and editor for a Backstreet Boy. 

It is guaranteed that  no one writes like KiKi Skinner!