KiKi Skinner

KiKi Skinner is the author of Klef Notes music blog.   She graduated with honors from Towson University in Maryland (USA) with a degree in English Writing.  KiKi Skinner is an honest music journalist, publicist, and 1/2 of the brand TK Skinner.     

Having the freedom to write whatever she wants, when she wants, KiKi Skinner has brought the message of the artist back into the forefront.  She loves supporting and representing the "unsigned" artists and their creations. 

As an Indie Music ambassador, KiKi Skinner  places the spotlight on the Independent artist / band, because they are often overlooked by many due to the lack of emphasis placed on their talents.  She believes that mainstream radio and major labels constantly shine the light on their artists in hopes of making audiences magically hear or see true talent by repetition, but what these radio stations and labels are not comprehending, is that some of these mainstream artists are often mimics or trend-hungry entertainers bent on having fame and fortune.  Therefore, the listeners are growing bored and are longing to see and hear REAL music from artists/bands who do not choose to sacrifice the music, story, and creativity of music.  These artists/bands build from the icons, legends, and guitar-heroes of years ago - this is the Indie artist. 

So, this page is to inform, entertain, advise, and/or to just talk to, or about, such artists by translating their message of music for their audiences and others by way of reviews and articles.  KiKi Skinner may write an article about a concert or music event she has attended, comment on a video she was just asked to review on You Tube, give a review of an album that she just listened to recently, give a promo message on social media for an artist/band whose music just came across her desk from a PR firm, give her opinion on a single cut, or just share her thoughts on something new and exciting in this big world of music on her blog. 

She listens to artists from many genres, yet, SHE WILL NOT review music within the genres of Ritualistic, Cult, Black Ritual Ambient, Horror Punk, Death Rock, Goth, and/or Satanic Black Metal or songs that contain those elements therein.  The same policy applies to music/songs that degrades or criticizes someone's religion, race, sex, gender preference, or background.

And, KiKi Skinner chooses not to review Holiday music as that genre of music has been written about in so many ways, by so many individuals, both online and in print for decades - honestly, what else can be said??

She is too selfish when it comes to her thoughts, so all words on this blog belongs to KiKi Skinner - she owns the copyrights to every written piece on this site.  

KiKi Skinner has been on every side of the music business, from recording demos, to writing and producing full albums, publishing music, writing songs for others, as well as gigging and rocking out on the main stage.  So, she fully understands the life of an artist as she's been in the same spot they are standing, and still walks beside them on this ever-evolving music path. 

So, all is not lost – the masses can still hear GOOD music.  Music lovers can still see TRUE artists/bands and plan their lives around an honest SOUNDTRACK, because the artists/bands that travel the road less traveled are still penning songs, gigging-out, and artistically planning to bring some much-needed originality back to the music scene, and KiKi Skinner is highlighting that talent.

Why the name Klef Notes, you might ask? 

She's combined two aides that have helped her in music and college – the musical Clef and CliffsNotes.  Today, music and writing are still her best pals, hence “Klef Notes” – she spelled it with a “K” to make it personal!  

Welcome to this comfy online music corner where KiKi Skinner writes from Notes to Note and enjoys her two loves – MUSIC and WRITING.